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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. eat less
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  3. 3. stop chasing him
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  4. 4. finish writing to pen pal
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  5. 5. Find an Ana budy
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eat less (read all 2 entries…)
Not bad, not great.

Been doing pretty good about this. But not enough to make a change.

SO far today I’ve had a glass of milk and some animal crackers. Looking to have broccoli and spinach quiche, orange juice and lots of water for the rest of the day. This is tough, but I think it’ll get easier as I will be starting school tomorrow and will therefore be too busy to even THINK about food!

Find an Ana budy

need someone who will:

-txt throughout the day
-send random encouraging txt
-be able to respond in case of an emergency

stop chasing him
I need to be my own boss

I just recently started talking to my “ex” without feeling upset. Before I couldn’t talk to him because I missed him so much and I thought I needed him back in my life, but I finally figured out that that’s not true! I don’t need anyone to make me happy. I am better off alone than with someone who has the power to make me miserable. The thing is, that now he’s the one who’s trying to talk to me, and I seem to be slowly falling back into my old routine, and I can’t let that happen. So far, I haven’t spoken to him today, but I did send him a txt in the morning and he hasn’t said anything back. I’m not going to txt him until he does. And even then, I will make him wait!

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