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Day 9 .... done

Thank gosh I am home. I live in NY so that subway ride is a nightmare for a cleanser…hahahaha. Anyway, Day 9 is done. The funny thing is that I am having trouble getting my 6 glasses down. I am just full all the time. I am really surprised that I haven’t dipped into any chocolate or snacks. I now realize how much crap my team eats during the workweek. meeting after meeting, after leftovers for someone else’s meeting….I mean my gosh, no wonder I was feeling crappy! What more funny is I look at it and don’t even want it. I think this is going to be a great way to approach food after this.

master cleanse (read all 20 entries…)
Day 8 over....well almost

So Day 8 was good. I went grocery shopping for organic goodness and got the last of the lemons I will need to carry me through Day 10. Looking forward to eating something besides the LA. Grocery shopping was fun, but I can’t lie. It made me want to go home and eat something like it was already Day 10. Tomorrow I will wake up to Day 9 though so whatever, right? What’s another day or two? I honestly feel like I could go longer, but I have a lunch with my boss on Friday so I need to be able to eat solid food by then. If I didn’t have that lunch, I think I would have carried through til Friday at least. Cleanse on fasters!

master cleanse (read all 20 entries…)
Day 7

I am so sick of the lemonade that I am not even hungry anymore. It takes a lot for me to even drink 6 glasses (the supposed least amount) of this stuff. I’d rather have nothing…and I would probably be fine. My tongue is almost completely pink again. Weird. Thought that would take longer. My pants are hanging on me (which is a nice side effect). I am dreaming of eating grapefruits. Something with real quenchy fresh taste. I switched from the harsh pure senna leaf tea (because I am sick of the cramps) to Smooth Move but it doesn’t work as well. I am switching back and to Senna at night and Smooth Move in the AM only. I can’t wait eat as many crunchy veggies as I can get my hands on. Frig! If I made it this far, I can’t stop now. Its only three more stupid long days but at least I’ll be back at work so maybe I won’t concentrate so hard on food and the fact I am not eating.

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