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  1. 1. make more friends
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  2. 2. stop doubting myself
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  3. 3. Ring my friends more often
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  4. 4. overcome my social anxiety
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  5. 5. get a job
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  6. 6. be more outgoing
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  7. 7. find out who i am
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  8. 8. get engaged
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  9. 9. stop wasting time
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overcome my social anxiety

I always seem to tense up with this! I cant be myself, it feels like im trapped inside my own body or thoughts or whatever it is and i just cant relax. Does that make sence? I dunno. what i really need to do is just relax around people, instead of worrying about what they think of me. But doing this is a lot harder than saying it… :S

be more outgoing

I can see this being the most difficult! I was once a very outgoing person, back when I was little, but on the way my conffidence got bashed and I’ve never been able to get it back. But this is something i have to do for myself. I’m getting really tired of being loked over and ignored, but how to do it is the problem!Im actually kinda scared about this!lol. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! xXXx

Ring my friends more often

ring ring ring ring…bannana phone! :)

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