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Go to a Hooters Restaurant

It’s probably different if you’re just going for the “atmosphere.” But the food itself is kind of expensive for what you get, and not all that impressive. Actually, the waitresses I saw weren’t even that impressive.

take crazy pictures with someone in a photobooth

It’s fun, I guess, but not that amazing.

There’s some good old black & white photobooths at one of the arcades on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. It’s one of my usual stops when I’m in town.

get married

My husband and I got married on 666 (June 6, 2006). We decided to do it about a month ahead of time, after dating for almost four years and living together for a year. We didn’t have (or want!) any kind of fancy wedding – our immediate family came over and we walked to the district courthouse across the street and just did it. Then we all went out to lunch. The whole “wedding” cost about $60, for the marriage license and the judge. (We did buy wedding rings, which were a couple hundred dollars each.)

It’s not about the dress or how the bridesmaids do their hair or the food at the reception. It’s about you and the person you love and the memories you’ll have of that day. My wedding day was perfect and wonderful and happy.

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