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get more organized

i need to organize my house,, with 4 kids its like we live in chaos.. i can’t afford all these crazy storage solution things .. any cheap ideas? we even got rid of a ton of stuff over the summer really cleaned out.. still to much stuff!

i want to fall in love with someone who loves me as much as i love them!
why is it so hard?

After a failed marriage, he cheated/abused.. and a failed long term relationship.. i have tried online dating.. and met a couple guys who seemed nice, but it never goes beyond flirting and 1 or 2 dates.. I don’t understand. So many people tell me how pretty, nice, sweet, sincere, funny, smart, great mother, great friend I am.. why can I not meet a quality guy? All I wants someone sweet and caring, that will respect me and my kids… im not perfect not looking for perfect.. i don’t want to play these silly dating games.. tired of it! Why is it soooo hard?


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