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  1. 1. work on my car
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  2. 2. have money
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  3. 3. quit smoking
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  4. 4. find love.
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  5. 5. educate myself.
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educate myself
hooked on phonics, it worked for me

If i could do nothing but learn all day, and apply that to something, i would. When doing what I learned, helped someone else, it feels great, its a pride thing. give me money so i can go learn to play the piano, or learn to build a house, or design a new race car chassis. you get the point

find love
if im living in the dark, i dont want to be right, and if this is wrong, i dont want to be right

that the feeling of love, even if it hurts, or is making you, not you, you still want it. and even when you get over that emotion for that someone or something, you still have it for someone else, or something else. Ill never stop loving, it feels too good, even if it is momentary, even if it only lasts a second, or for years, I want it now, and than later. gimme love !!

Quit Smoking
mmmm tar.

yea, if i could go back the day I was 13 or 14 and I was riding my bike, and i ran over a little paper bag, and stopped to see what was in it, to find a few packs of generic cigarettes. Man I would have slapped the shit out of myself, and said, man, if you try that your gonnna like it, and its gonna hurt you. I wish i could have had an experience that would have kept me from ever trying a cigarette. I have quit a few times, but i always go back when times get rough. ahh Ill do it one day.

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