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  1. 1. stop smoking
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  2. 2. learn to fly
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  3. 3. find utopia with 6 billion others as friends
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  4. 4. meet people
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  5. 5. have more confidence
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  6. 6. small talk
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  7. 7. be more social
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  8. 8. get over my social phobia
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  9. 9. find a place to call home
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find a place to call home
new beginnings

after a messy separation I need a new home, all alone, boo hoo

overcome my fear of social situations

just had to chamge my world view, reinvent myself and take control of my life in a positive way….. hope it lasts

have more confidence
death is confidence trick

I was never aware of lacking confidence being a problem until watching my father died suddenly, the experience changed my family,right before my young eyes I saw only communication breakdown, loss of faith and hope but especially the onset of depression, this continued on into my late teens when finally my head broke into fragments which to this day have never really functioned again especially socially. My second daugher Ruby is now 4 and she lives a life between a depressed father and manic mother, I need to get back some shape of normality and confidence. but how ?

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