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  1. 1. make a difference
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  2. 2. finish my house
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  3. 3. declutter my life
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  4. 4. paint a landscape
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  5. 5. travel to scotland
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  6. 6. flip a house
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  7. 7. learn to kayak
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  8. 8. get back on the bike
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  9. 9. learn spanish
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  10. 10. control my ADD
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  11. 11. drive the blue ridge parkway
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  12. 12. build a solar water heater
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  13. 13. draw more
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  14. 14. save the planet
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  15. 15. be present
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Recent entries
save the planet
Im trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

I have swapped all my light bulbs for compact flourescents, swapped out my shower heads for low-flow, bought a front loading washing machine (and use the clothesline during the summer), and I heat with wood. I recycle everything the local recycling center will take (magazines, aluminum cans, newspaper) and avoid buying things that are not easily recyclable. Plans for the future include solar water heating and building an alcohol still to power the cars.

go fly fishing in Arkansas again.
Try your hand at small-stream fishing for smallmouth

It is a hoot. You can wade for hours without your toes getting numb.

build my own house
I didnt exactly build it from scratch, but i completely rebuilt it.

I have replaced everything in my 1922 sears roebuck house. Plumbing, wiring, much of the framing, windows, floors, sheetrock, porch, etc. I still have some trim work to do, but I am close to having it complete.

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