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adopt a kitten
The nameless kittens.

We still haven’t named them, but we recently (a couple of weeks ago) adopted two 8 week old kittens. One is a male, black, long-haired kitten, the other is a female, white and gray, short-haired kitten. We tried the animal shelter first, but they have about a million dogs and no cats. We finally adopted this brother and sister duo from a couple in France. :) They’re the sweetest, most loving, energetic kittens I have ever seen. They brighten up our day!

make up with my father before he dies

We met when I was 14. We were never very close… until the past couple years. Now, conflict has arisen, awful things were said, and we don’t speak to each other anymore. And there isn’t much time to make up, because he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and doesn’t have long to live.

stop being afraid of love (and running away from it!)

Finally running towards it.

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