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stay up all night
Best idea or worst idea?

As of recently, I’ve been on this medication that makes me SUPER productive, which is a great thing. I’m getting homework done on time, my room is finally in order, and I don’t have three tons of laundry piling up in my closet. I have realized, however, that I am SO behind on a lot of things… mainly little things, but they add up after awhile. Anyway, I popped one of those little babies in last night because I had a quiz to work on and I could feel myself losing focus early on in the night. That may have been a bad plan, because after the quiz was finished, I became Wonder Woman. I cleaned the bathroom, finished organzing my room, cleaned old food out of the kitchen. All the while, I’m watching the clock, promising myself I’ll be in bed by 1. Then 1 becomes 2. Then 3. Then by the time I finally get into bed, it’s 5:30am so I just said fuck it, I’m taking a “nap” and then going to work. For eight hours.

Yeah, this was definitely a bad idea. But I still say it’s worth it! I feel accomplished. Drained, but accomplished.

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I hope I actually stick with this one.

have an art show (read all 4 entries…)
Framed, matted, ready to go!

I’m starting to get really pumped about this…

Had the photos framed and matted, wired (for free!), and now all I need to do is drop them off.

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