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receive a letter from Hogwarts apologizing for the late owl but informing me that i am actually a wizard.

i thought this was just too great not to add!

overcome my shyness
social anxiety?

i hate being in the company of too many people. even if i know them all. once there are more than 4 – 5 people, i find myself unable to speak, and really self-concious. school is a nightmare. i turn red when i raise my hand in class. party’s are a nightmare. wayyyy too many people, and their usually all really cool people. i just wish i could love myself the way everyone else loves themselves. also my boyfriends a really social guy and i feel like my paranoia is taking a serious toll on him as well. :( im sorry baby.

like myself
i hate myself

well, its true. i think im fat, ugly, stupid and have a terrible personality. i dont know why anyone would want to be friends with me. actually, i barely have any friends. ha, maybe im on to something. anyway, i believe that i need to like myself to enjoy life. i feel like i spend all my time with someone i really hate. but how can i change that when that person is myself?

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