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exposing myself
Going shopping

Being a NUDIST I despise clothing I dress with minimal amount,I noticed I needed some groceries I struggle with what to wear I finally decide to put on a over sized t-shirt 4X it covers my body enough,I felt very HORNY as usual. The store was empty its very humid I am glad I get my groceries when MY PENIS starting to grow just as I get to checkout I HAVE A FULL BLOWN ERECTION I AM REALLY HORNY the cashier sees it tells me meet her by the back of the store she takes her clothes off we had the most enjoyable sex. After we finish she told she was happy that I came dressed the way I did.

go outside naked
Enjoying the early morniing

I enjoy the early morning I do power walks they stimulate me. I usually get up around 2:30 a.m. I am feeling shall we say frisky MY PENIS is aroused I SLEEP NAKED BY THE WAY.I rarely wear clothes such a waste anyway its time for my power walk i slip on a pair of put on a jacket to cover MY ERECTION out the door I go as I am doing my power walk I am getting HORNY so I remove my jacket I AM ROCK HARD so I start to JACK OFF when suddenly I hear some footsteps it was a neighbor doing her power walk she smiles licking her lips and says,”LET ME HELP YOU WITH ” she removes her coat she also is NAKED she gives me A BLOWJOB I suck here TITS she invites me back to her place. We continue our power walk NAKED down the street back to her house we finish what we started it was the best power walk I had ever she now joins me every morning.

receive a massage nude

I was tense a friend told me go get a massage so I did to my shook I was asked to remove all my clothes the lady that gave me the massage also removed her clothes. While lying face down I developed HARD ON I was getting HORNY TOO. The lady that was giving me my massage asked to turn over when I seen the most perfect breasts and shaved pussy I was in heaven. She notices my HARD ON and says to me it looks like your muscle needs to be massaged she gave me a mind blowing blowjob I will never forget I have gone back for many more massages since.


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