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  1. 1. Lose 20 pounds
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    7,463 people
  2. 2. lose 5 pounds
    3 cheers
    1,228 people
  3. 3. Get rid of cellulite
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    115 people
  4. 4. tone my body
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    832 people
  5. 5. be motivated
    4 cheers
    234 people
  6. 6. have a flat stomach
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    2,366 people
  7. 7. Rearrange my room, including cleaning and organizing it and making it look lovely
    3 entries . 10 cheers
    7 people
  8. 8. Get some cool creepers
    2 entries
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  9. 9. Get Job Bartending at Gay Bar for Great Tips
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    3 people
  10. 10. be a stripper
    7 cheers
    198 people
  11. 11. Go to the Berlin Love Parade
    1 entry . 6 cheers
    21 people
  12. 12. get my own apartment
    1 entry . 6 cheers
    652 people
  13. 13. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    5 entries . 20 cheers
    21,522 people
  14. 14. Kiss in the rain
    11 entries . 33 cheers
    15,044 people
  15. 15. walk, look, and smell like a supermodel
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    5 people
  16. 16. Do Club Kid Stuff
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  17. 17. Learn a martial art
    3 cheers
    1,583 people
  18. 18. be a model
    1,444 people
  19. 19. live by the ocean
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    668 people
  20. 20. stop comparing myself to others
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    418 people
  21. 21. get a job
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    12,552 people
  22. 22. model
    1,147 people
  23. 23. grow my hair long
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    3,852 people
  24. 24. be in the cirque du soleil
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  25. 25. run a marathon
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    12,923 people
  26. 26. write a song/poem every day
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  27. 27. decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life
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    7,207 people
  28. 28. set realistic goals
    2 cheers
    43 people
  29. 29. Learn how to box
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    85 people
  30. 30. do corset training
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    15 people
  31. 31. exercise regularly
    3 cheers
    10,861 people
  32. 32. get in shape
    10,374 people
  33. 33. save more money
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    3,044 people
  34. 34. drink more water
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    20,214 people
  35. 35. Get a tattoo
    21,928 people
  36. 36. kill
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    203 people
  37. 37. Become a model
    2,082 people
  38. 38. find a job
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    2,112 people
  39. 39. be a singer/songwriter
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stop comparing myself to others

I always do this, espescially those more successful and prettier than I am. Makes my self esteem and all go downnnnnnnnnn :( :(

drink more water (read all 2 entries…)
its a LIE!


it states that the whole “8 glasses a day” is a myth, and can cause more harm than good. Theren is no actual evidence to back it up. read the article:

decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life (read all 3 entries…)
life and where im going/getting a jobs

Thing is I know I have so much freedom just to CHOOSE what I want to do where I want to go, sometimes i just dont know and feel stunned liek what the hell do i want to do with myself. I am moving in with my girlfriend in Minnesota, after or before she starts basic training for the army, which is next summer.. now what do you think is best? moving before she starts of after.. what will i do for 9 weeks alone in an apartment lol!? but anyway.. im getting a job sometime this month for sure, it cant linger forever and i neeeeed money. iw ant a simple job. i live in maryland, mostly stupid jobs, but i dont want a big job because im not mvoed out yet. i am not looking to settle here, right now, just a temporary thing to save up money and because i NEED a job and yeah.. but whats a simple job??
i got a lot of offers through email but they arent close by my house, some i dont even know where in amryland they are located. i dont know which direction to take with this job thing: get a job by my area that i can walk to and is a little low paying jsut a part time job like bookstore or something, or post back to those places online that pay like 10-15 dollars an hour doing a little more skilled work but i dont know where theyre located. and some are accessible, but it takes practice and time knowing how to get there. its jsut theres lots of opportunity, and i still am putting off filling out the stack of applciations i recieved. i need a way to trick my mind into filling them out so ill actually FILL THE GIOD DMN THINGS OUT!! !

and then with living on y own,w ith my gf. i jsut gotta plan what im gonna do, ya know… like reality sets in and im goign to finally move out next year.. she has her life pout together for the whole, i dont. jsut some vague ideas and goals and hoeps, but i need to look at the hard reality, come bills and things.. so whats your advice on this and actually living. not jsut setting up to live on your own and settling down, but where your life goas, she asked what im gonna do during the 9 weeks shes at basic i said i dont know, probably work a lot, or at least get some money. like what the hell>? that answer is a bullshti answer youd give your mom! not your girlfriedn! so what the hell!!! help me.

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