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be fluent in german

I’ve been doing this for over a month now and it kind of consumes my life in an odd way. I spend fifteen minutes to an hour each night on the Duolingo website or app and looking up YouTube videos. I was inspired by a Ted speech about becoming a polyglot but don’t have the money for a tutor. I need to find someone who will speak it with me…hopefully that’s more fluent than i am but at the very least who is learning German, too.

Complete the 100-Up Challenge
Starting out...

I did 30 minor-ups at work on Monday. I feel like i am swaying from side to side way too much. There isn’t really enough room at my workstation, but i had hoped to do some while were were slow. After 30 i was starting to feel the burn.

I wasn’t sore on Tuesday, but i was ill.

On Wednesday i never had a chance to do more that 6-7 before i was interrupted. I did about 15-20 all together, trying to sway less, but i didn’t really feel like i was getting anywhere. I’m not sure that this is helping my running form at all. /: I may rethink this goal, going to look at my barefoot running book for some pointers.

Blog daily.
for 90 days...

I’ve done this before, participated in memes that lasted for 30 days and the like. This time i want to post something to my LJ or one of my blogs at least once a day for 90 days. I seriously need to start writing again and i think that this is the best way to set about doing that. I probably won’t begin in earnest until after the New Year, but this is definitely something i want to accomplish soon.

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