Korea...yes please!

I'm doing 12 things

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  1. 1. Learn to play the piano
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    8,235 people
  2. 2. learn Korean
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  3. 3. see the northern lights
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  4. 4. visit Norway
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  5. 5. get a new car
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  6. 6. visit new york city
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  7. 7. become a teacher
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  8. 8. visit Iceland
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  9. 9. write a novel
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  10. 10. learn french
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  11. 11. surf
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  12. 12. live in Paris
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How I did it
How to visit Scotland
It took me
3 days
It made me
So very happy!!

How to live in london
It took me
3 years
It made me

How to visit london
It took me
5 days
It made me
so happy!!

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Recent entries
live in London, England
Best Experience Ever!

Went to graduate school there! Best city everrrrrr!

go to graduate school in london
On my way in September!

I’m going to be at City University London in the Fall and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

visit Iceland
I hope to see Iceland before I die....

I saw Iceland when we were flying from England to the U.S. Saw the volcano and the beautiful landscape. It was enough for me to be enchanted by the beauty of the country and I can’t wait to see more of her!

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