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play apples to apples

Completely fun game, but even more fun when you don’t have to play with a bunch of kids that don’t even understand most of the references, but some of their guesses are hilarious.

be in love (and be loved in return) every day for the rest of my life

Ok, so a goal completely worth doing, but first I have to love me, cuz right this second, that aint working for me.
Anyone have any bright ideas to accomplish that goal?

learn how to do cartwheels

I always wanted to be cute and small and athletic, I wound up being 5’ 7 3/4’ tall and weigh too much, so I never did learn to do a cartwheel, so thats my next “if I’m gonna be stupid anyway it might as well be with something I wanna do” goal.
It does get easier dieting and losing weight right?

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