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spend more time outdoors

All you have to do is get a hobby, or go back to college. Even try to find a way to start your own business; that’ll keep you active and you will find yourself outdoors alot more often. Also, going out with friends or finding new friends helps.

find myself, know myself and then be myself
Discovering oneself

I know myself more now than I ever did. I think what helped is my confidence and my willingness to explore trying new things. Also, sit and think about what you want and say it out loud to yourself, even if it sounds silly or illegimate. As long as it’s legal, though (laughs).

not be depressed anymore

I have grown to be more content with my life. Once I discovered that once I stay dedicated to making life work for me rather than focusing on unfullfilled dreams, then I was willing to end my depression. Well, most of it anyway. To cure the rest of my depression, maybe winning the lottery or becoming a famous celebrity would help. :)

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