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  1. 1. write
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  2. 2. go on a cruise
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  3. 3. save fifty thousand dollars
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  4. 4. buy a house
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  5. 5. save for a house
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  6. 6. move back to Canada
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  7. 7. have another baby
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  8. 8. Make new friends
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  9. 9. be a good mother
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  10. 10. lose weight
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stop smoking weed (read all 2 entries…)
well - at least i'm not an addict full on anymore

while we still smoke on the weekends – when we’ve got it, we are not as fiendish as we once were. we have been working out in the evenings, even! but i still don’t think it was that bad…..

go on a cruise
the cheesier the better

I would really, really like to go on a Disney cruise, the kind that has activites for your children. I want to eat insane amounts and sunbathe and watch one of those over the top broadway Disney shows they have on those cruise ships. Ideally, the cruise would be combined with a few days at Disneyworld.

Any cruise would be good, though. Somehow I am obsessed with one day cruising into some fantastical locale and eating up all the fake attention from the cruise staff.

save for a house
ING is good

We have never had a savings account, but we are really making up for lost time. Our goal is to save fifty thousand dollars. Is that ridiculous?

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