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Sukkot + Tot Shabbat

We built an awesome sukkah this year for Sukkot, and now we have everything we need to do it again every year.

I am very serious about joining a synagogue this year so Little Miss will be able to go to Sunday school next year, when she starts Kindergarten. Tot Shabbat this weekend!

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Installed a fence

We put in a short stretch of picket fence in our backyard to contain the kiddos. We did it all ourselves! We still need to put a coat of paint over the primer, but doesn’t it look pretty?

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iPhone helps some, hurts some

I got an iPhone earlier this year and I have been using it for organizing. It is very helpful for keeping track of shopping lists and one-off tasks, but not so good for the chores. I’d better go back to my paper-based method for chore management. I couldn’t find an iPhone app that shows all the dates for the last time I did something. As mentioned in my last entry on this topic, that is crucial for motivating me to do stuff.

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