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reach my ideal weight
long-time goal

aside from quitting smoking, this is one of my goals which prove to be very, very challenging! haha.

good news though is that i only have a couple more pounds to shed. according to a chart i referred to, i should only weigh between 91 lbs-113 lbs. blah!

save more money
rainy day pot and sake bottle

i used to have bottles of sola at home, filled with 5-peso coins. well, let’s just say i had a lot of rainy days and i spent them all.

now, i’ve been saving my 10-peso and 5-peso coins in a small ceramic pot jhelo gave me last christmas and it’s already full! but i have another empty bottle of sola i could use.

the 5 and 10 centavo coins i got or found are now in an empty sake bottle. the ones i used to collect are stored in an empty absolut vodka at home.

my bigger goal is to open a dollar account and a time-deposit account. maybe i should review the retirement plan in our company and the savings scheme attached to it. hmmm. i think i should.

visit at least 3 countries in 2010
first thing's first

i have to get my passport renewed!!!

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