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get fit (read all 11 entries…)

I found this on internet. Agreed. I am choosing to loose weight right now. I am doing lots of things towards this goal. I hope it pays off soon. :D

Be a Citizen of the World (read all 2 entries…)

Hey, I am happy to announce that I finally got my Italian passport!
I am very happy. It will be a lot easier entering Europe now.
Not that I had any trouble in the past, since I travel a lot and have my passport full of stamps, they don’t ask many questions anymore. But it is always easier to have an European passport. Shorter lines at Migrations for sure.
I am not planning to move to Europe for now but it is sure nice to know that I have the option if I want to. :D

get my teeth straightened (read all 20 entries…)
DAY #400

yeay!!! I continue to be so so happy to be doing this. The changes are subtle but I notice them and I can’t wait to finish the treatment but it is not really so bad. My teeth only hurt a couple of days when I get my new aligners every three weeks and for the rest, they are great. Most people hardly notice them and when I tell them, they are really surprised.
Yesterday I got aligner number 5. I still have 5 more to go after this one and then they take new moldings and I get 10 more aligners. So I still have a long way to go but time goes by quite fast. I am happy, happy, happy. Really looking forward to my perfect smile. :D

have my own office (read all 3 entries…)
little improvement

while I am only improving my home office (that I rarely use) I still am happy with the improvements. I have changed the lighting, which was very much needed, and now I can see a lot better in there. Actually, yesterday I started getting rid of more old stuff from my shelves and boxes.
Here goes a pic so you can see what a cool fixture I have now. :)

get fit (read all 11 entries…)

Today I started taking Pilates… it was tough… I am not really sure I’m gonna be able to walk tomorrow… but oh, well… at least I am working towards achieving my goal :)
I had tried it once before long ago and it was very boring but I liked this class better and I definitely felt the work out.
I’m coming back next Wednesday.

get fit (read all 11 entries…)
first weigh in

sooo… I went to my Nutritionist today and I’ve lost 1.3 kgs… It is not much but it is always better to go down than up so I am happy!
She changed my diet for the next two weeks so I am happy about that too.
I just got back from my box class… I am so exhausted… but I love to go there and I really feel the exercise. I think my body is shaping up :) I am still super fat but looking better…
yeay me!!

finish the three books I' m currently reading (read all 8 entries…)
2 down, 1 to go

yeay! I finally finished reading the book from Murakami that I started so long ago. It was short stories “Blind Willow, Sleepy Woman”, I didn’t like it as much as I enjoyed his novel “Tokyo Blues” but hey, I read it all, I have bought his novel “The wind-up bird chronicle” but I lend it to my sister while I finish reading other books that I already started.
Once I finish reading the third book I was reading simultaneously when I added this goal, I will cross this one out, even though I am still reading other books simultaneously… I don’t know why I do this… but apparently it’s kind of hard for me to stop doing… oh, well… this is the least of my problems really, so I won’t worry too much about it

get my teeth straightened (read all 20 entries…)

was one year since I began the orthodontics treatment! Yeay!!! I am so so happy to be doing this… I think I have still another year to go but I don’t mind it that much… I am not suffering at all with these invisible removable aligners… and I am on a countdown now…

get fit (read all 11 entries…)
yet another new diet...

I feel so embarrassed to write this entry… last diet I tried didn’t work… not because of the diet but because I really could not stick to it. It was too hard.
So this week I went to a new doctor, the one my sister and my friend went to, it worked for them so here I go. I really liked the doctor and her diet is a lot more doable, more realistic. I am sticking to it very good for now. I feel capable of doing it. Today is my third day and in two weeks I have to go back to see her again.
I really feel like being thin again so I will try really hard this time.

Wish JadedForever a happy, lovingly free and confident birthday on July 25th!
Happy Birthday, Jaded Forever!!

May your dreams come true… best wishes from Buenos Aires :)

watch 12 classic movies (read all 2 entries…)

La Dolce Vita (di Federico Fellini). I watched it today at home… interesting movie, I am not sure I liked it all that much…

get laser eye surgery (read all 2 entries…)
today I went to see an eye doctor

because I had an eye infection while I was away and I can’t use my lenses… it’s nothing serious, he just gave me some drops and I’ll be fine soon.
But I took the opportunity to ask about laser surgery and he said I am a perfect candidate for that, so he has to run some test and I could get this done sooner than I thought…
If only I wasn’t so scared… :S

finish the three books I' m currently reading (read all 8 entries…)
new book

when I went away on holidays I took a big fat book with me because on holidays I have more time to read. I finished a 750 pages book in less than a month and I also started another one before coming home. I will still try to finish the other two books that I was reading before leaving.
The novel I read on holidays was by John Irving and I really liked it, I recommend it. The title in English is “A widow for one year”.

travel around the world (read all 19 entries…)
Santorini, Greece

I am working in Santorini this week… not bad at all. I happened to come here on holidays last year and I am happy to be back.
It is very very hot here so I am trying to get all the sun I can because on Sunday I will be back in Buenos Aires where it is freeeeezing cold!!
Here is a picture for you to enjoy!

travel around the world (read all 19 entries…)

more and more Italy!!! I am on holidays in Sicily. I am now in Palermo, going to Cefalu tomorrow for the weekend and moving to Panarea Island on Monday. Yeay!!! I am so happy to be here. This country is so fabulous really! The landscape, the food, the people, the language. What’s not to love?!!
Here is a picture of Mondello beach… near Palermo. Enjoy!

get my teeth straightened (read all 20 entries…)
Stage #2

Yesterday I got my new braces… they are invisible and removable… and they hurt like s#@t! These I have to use for around a year and a half… it’s a looooong time but I know it will go by fast and that I will be thrilled with the results.
It is super high tech stuff… they have a website where I can see the progression of my own case… it’s amazing!
I will do my best to use them as much as possible bearing with the pain.
I look forward to my beautiful smile!! Yeay! :D

Wish SCR67 and indulgent & dance around the house type of Birthday TODAY!
Happy Birthday!!

may you have a wonderful year!

finish the three books I' m currently reading (read all 8 entries…)
1 down, 2 to go!

last night I finished reading “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. I focused on reading only this one book until I finished it.
Now I will concentrate on one of the other two and do the same. :D

find out who my subscribers are. (read all 3 entries…)

Hi everyone! I would love to know who my subscribers are, please, let me know.
Thank you for your interest in my life!
All my best,


be hot (read all 3 entries…)

I took up hip hop and reggaeton lessons. I think this sure will add up some “hotness”... :D
I loooove it!

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