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Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)

Well, Hollywood got to see my wimpy side today. I successfully bench-pressed one set of 12 with 55 lbs, but that was all! It was too heavy. I felt he was doing some of the work while spotting me! The next two sets were at 50 lbs. Arm dips started with my legs up on a bench, but soon deteriorated to crossed on the floor. The freakin side bench maneuver was changed to incorporate a squat and I was asked to do them slow. It wasn’t pretty. They added the side-twisty machine for 50 reps each side, too. A whole new workout when I’ve yet to master the old.

All-in-all a very disappointing day

Run 15 miles a week by the end of March. (read all 2 entries…)
Rolling Hills in Como?!?

I kid you not! There are some hills on the outside of town east of the interstate! I did them at 4PM today and I have to say I’m a little surprized. I want more!

No way did I do well, but I held my own. I did the first 2 miles in 27:28:00 and that is with three dogs coming out on me and one making me stop. He was a cutie! I was wearing my bright red Everlast and he went for them, my shoes and my hips. He still has his puppie teeth but is full grown (lab size) w/o his filled in weight. I pretty much had to walk up to Hunter’s Chapel and then he stopped and I ran to the turn around point. I lost my mojo and walked most of the way back doing the last two miles in 29:54:9. Did I say there were hills. Oh, and my new friend escorted me back a half-mile. :D

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)
I'm Getting Stronger!

Yay, as I lift my ultra sore arms into the air in victory! ;D

The sit ups are getting very creative in nature, but as long as my back doesn’t give out I am up for them. I feel kinda like I’m showing off sometimes. Like today on the ‘cursive’ bench cross overs. I did two sets of twenty and am bent over tring to catch my breath when a buff 30-something jumps over a bench across from me. I’m pissed. Yeah, I could do that if I wanted to…so, I hit the bench with a vengence. Hollywood whispers to me, “You’re showing out,” and I smile.

Work on upgrades for the library. (read all 3 entries…)

I showed one of our wonderful work studies how to shelve the EASY books!!! He caught on in seconds! I’m so excited!!!

I need to tweak the bookends. They should be tied down. I’ll work with heavy duty tape first. Save a little money.

Write ideas in a notebook for booktalks!

The reading instructor has asked to join her students with the reading instructor we presented booktalks for last semester. They will combine classes on the one day a month we come so that we don’t have to repeat ourselves so many times. This has me stoked! I can assume we did a good job last year and we are expanding services. Go Crystal! Go Me!

Funny, we thought doing love stories would make for perfect February booktalks, but neither of us read romances!!!

Run 15 miles a week by the end of March. (read all 2 entries…)
Running on Empty

‘Bout time I start working on this knowing I am in the last week of January!

The plan is to run two miles early before work Monday through Friday. The faster I run, the more time I have to sit with a coffee before having to get ready for work. The first mile was 12 minutes and the second 13 minutes. I got a total of 30 minutes with the walk before and after. I’ll run an endurance on Sundays.

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)
Kick My Booty Camp!

First, I want to say that I gave blood Thursday and I barely made the cut off for giving due to a lack of iron.

Saturday’s Extreme class kicked my butt! I was pretty stong with the sit-ups but all else…

Melinda asked, “What should we call our Saturday morning class, Boot Camp?” I replied with a, “Kick My Boot Camp!” where she added the “Kick My Booty Camp!” :D Although, I like Booty Camp, since we all are trying to improve our backsides!

Give one day a week to yard work. (read all 5 entries…)
Spring Weather in January!

I pulled out the cart and picked up limbs around a Pecan tree we are losing to old age. (Pecans have a life expectancy of 125 years.) It is right on the white wooden fence line and I believe we will have to take it down before it falls. Removing two-story hardwood trees ain’t easy nor inexpensive.

Hubby helped with the hole filling next to the backyard gate. The roof to our horribly ugly carport is covered in tar and pea gravel. When it rains hards the gravel falls down the drainage spouts and looks kinds like a river delta. Optimistic hubby collects the leavings and travels back onto the roof to replace. This time we used it to fill the hole; so, I don’t get all muddy pawed when I feed the hounds.

Removed the tacky empty pots that took up residence in our corner driveway. Scraped the concrete clean (lots of juicy fishing worms) and worked the muck into the lawn. It will be all ready for spring!

Later that afternoon, hubby and I went a-cannin’ along Frontage Road. We came home with three bags full! Not exactly a community service, but not a community dis-service, either!!!

Volunteer 5 hours of labor a month to my town. (read all 2 entries…)
I Do do Windows!

Started my community help yesterday at the library. Washed all the windows inside except for 3 and the entry way. I’ll get those next time. Also, I wiped down the outside of the display case. Finally, I got to take down a horrible sign off one of the veranda’s windows.

Signs are so passive aggressive. What the hell is wrong with enforcing a rule when needed. “Please sir, remove your skateboard or I will have another means of transportation.” Peeps do not read signs and a little face time never hurt anyone as long as you stand far enough away from an extended fist. :D

I have to say, the windows looked really good inside. Outside will take a little longer.

What kind of time do I get off if I hire someone to come in and wax the floors and power wash the veranda. Noticed the lights and a black-from-mold tile in the children’s area that needs replacing.

I am enjoying this resolution, but I cannot help but think I’m serving time on a sentence. I think I’ll start telling peeps I am doing community service for public intoxication! ;D

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)
I Don't Know if I Can Stomach this Routine!

Today I did planks, flutter kicks w/ weight on tummy, some crazy medicine ball twist while holding legs in the air, and sit ups that require I wack Hollywood on his head. (I didn’t take advantage.)Arms and back remain the same and in circuit. Along with the dance across the bench, Hollywood got me back on the weight machines!!!

I’ll be more than sore tomorrow after giving blood this afternoon also!!!

Give one day a week to yard work. (read all 5 entries…)
Pointed It Out

He didn’t notice even after I told him to look at the fence next to the garage. When it dawned on him I got a big ole hug and kiss!

Apparently one of the dogs did not like the morning glory bedding I left either. It was moved farther away from the muddy hole it covered, but remained intact. I’ll pick it up sometime this week and throw it in the compost. It would be cool if some seeds germinated under the chicken wire and the morning glories grew on the compost pile next summer.

Today’s chore that was supposed to be two weeks ago when it was so cold was to pick up trash. Three Walmart bags full plus three 24 ounce Bud Lites and one grape cola. I deduce from the trash that the cheapest blunt makers are Swisher Sweets and now someone is making baggies out of tissue paper. Sandwich bags must be expensive too. Price of oil affecting or is it effecting our drug trade? shoulders

Give one day a week to yard work. (read all 5 entries…)
Morning De-Gloried!

Have a corner of fence that stays covered in blue and pink morning glories in the summer and brown and dead vines in the winter. Not anymore. Got out and pulled it all off and brushed the white fence so it looks perkier now.

Let’s see how long it takes hubby to notice! ;D

Volunteer 5 hours of labor a month to my town. (read all 2 entries…)
Sad News...

Yes, I will still be doing this but the air is out of my balloon. Our mayor died last Friday night and I was looking forward to working with her to achieve this goal. I am totally heartbroken by the loss of my friend and I just want to say to hell with it. I also don’t want the town’s folks thinking I want to replace her. She gave her time, attention and ultimately her life for this volunteer job and she will never be matched in the good deeds department.

I thought I would wash the windows at the library this coming week as my self-assigned chore. Only the staff and Como kids will notice me, pretty low key.

Work on upgrades for the library. (read all 3 entries…)
Done w/ Children's Books!

Yes! We, Crystal and I, got them changed in the catalog and back on the shelves! I’ll have to catch the ones that are checked out, around 20, and hand them over to Crystal before shelving.

Next step, bright color signage and displays. Anyone have any cheap ideas?

Give one day a week to yard work. (read all 5 entries…)
Raining - Hehe!

Plan was to pull the morning glory vines and clear the area for this coming spring’s growth. Darn it! It’s raining! Guess tomorrow will have to do.

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)
Didn't Sit Down!

How’s that for improvement! Last week I sat down a couple of times and drank a little water. Today, I kept going. A little slower each time and you might see me bent over catching my breath, but I did NOT sit down! I got a compliment for being speedy, too!!!

This is a big moment! Hollywood asked me what I ate before the workout and I had a homemade latte and granola bar. He wasn’t impressed but he still said I was “bringing it”! Lub You – Hollywood!

My workout has changed from the other girls. They don’t have to do the step-ups on the bench. Shoot, they can join me though! Misery LOVES company!!!

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)
I'm Stoved Up!

I love my trainers but this workout stuff isn’t for babies! I ache in places I didn’t even know had muscles. It takes me a little while to walk normal after sitting in my favorite chair. Pain is becoming a constant companion who has BO and bad breath. I wrinkle my nose with every movement!

I take issue with the way I look too. I’m losing top down and am wacked out of porportion. My sweater dress looks totally different on my frame now. Lots of booty and gut where before there was a big but flattering rectangle shape. At least w/ a rectangular shape one looks like she has a flat stomach. My new small waist emphasizes the belly and I want to work my abs even more to make it go away. Hence the “stove” in places I didn’t know contained muscles. :P

I won’t even go into the stoveness a good night’s sleep can cause. ;D

Run a consistant 10 min. mile! (read all 3 entries…)
OMG = O stands for Ouch!

Hollywood is sick and when I see him – he is dead! Connie had me doing a new cross the bench step 60X. He seems to believe by working my hamstrings running speeds will improve. I know that walking will sure be tough for the next couple of days!

Thank God my cat is currently kneading my thighs! ;D

Run a consistant 10 min. mile! (read all 3 entries…)
Steppin' High!

Hollywood has me doing 60 step-up-on-this-bench-then-step-down with my choice of repetitions: 3X20, 4X15, 6X10, or all the way through. First time was hard! I went slow and became wobbly and lost my breath around 12. Now, I do 3X20 and get tired around 15, wobbly at 17 and slow going after 18.

This exercise works my heart tremendously! By forcing me to use my larger muscles, Hollywood hopes I will become faster. It sure has a positive mental spin on my workout and run as I see myself getting stronger in both!

I checked my leg measurments against some taken in September. My right leg was 25.5 and my left leg 24. They are even at 23 apiece and this will help my stride. Could the uneven legs be the reason peeps thought I limped some days?!? I am eager to see a photo of my legs, but I’ll wait until spring running season! :D

Show my personal trainer improvements in speed, strenght and endurance. (read all 10 entries…)

Hollywood was unimpressed with my performance this morning. I was lapped at least twice by most of the girls. Damnit, I sat down 3 times! I broke my personal rule of not bending over when winded. Been doing that manuever all my life and it only makes me pant longer. While learning to run (again) this summer it was forbidden and I improved my breathing technique 10 fold! Don’t feel sorry for me though. I’ll get it!

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