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Run 3 miles without stopping
I did it!

I go running pretty much every day with my roommate and we normally do just over 2 miles. I’ve never run more than 2 1/3… ever. I felt really great after 2. Katherine stopped shortly after that, but I decided to keep going. After 2 1/2 I decided I’d go for 3 today. I went for it, and I did it! I feel great too. I can’t believe I already did it. I thought it was going to take me longer to get to that point. I guess that means I’m working towards 4 now.

run 2 miles without stopping (read all 2 entries…)
I did it

I’ve had this goal on here for a while now. I didn’t think I could do it last semester, and maybe I couldn’t at that point. But I just did it last week. I wasn’t even thinking about it being a particular goal. I was running, and I just realized that I could go farther than what I’d been doing. I ran the whole 2 miles, and I actually felt pretty good after. I’ve done it about 5 times now. I think I can go even farther now that I’ve got the feel for doing more than my mind will let me. I’ll have to work up to more. Maybe I’ll just make it a goal to do 2 1/2 miles and see where that leads. Now that I’ve done this much I’m just so excited to see how much farther I can go!

hike the appalachian trail (read all 4 entries…)
I've done it now!

I haven’t hiked the whole trail, but I’ve done a section now. My next goal is going to be the whole trail. I loved hiking it and I can’t wait to go again! I’m already planning another trip with a friend.

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