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  1. 1. become a vampire
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  2. 2. Drive to somewhere far away that I've never been, all by myself
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  3. 3. learn to control my emotions
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  4. 4. be more outgoing
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  5. 5. Grow my hair out
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  6. 6. go skydiving
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  7. 7. read the bible
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  8. 8. get a college degree
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  9. 9. find a true best friend
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  10. 10. figure out what i want to do with my life
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  11. 11. write a book
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  12. 12. get my teeth whitened
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  13. 13. find my soul mate
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  14. 14. go to ireland
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  15. 15. get good grades this semester
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How to get a tattoo
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2 years
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make the most of it when i go to Nashville, TN (read all 2 entries…)

was a blast. i didnt actually get to go into the city because we were so busy with wedding stuff, but i did meet some new people and me and my cousin had lots of fun. i basically told myself that i wouldnt have any negative thoughts on the trip and everything went so smoothly because of it. i cant wait to go back to school this weekend and to try and apply that state of mind to meeting new people and doing things up at eastern.

learn to control my emotions
think instead of act

i tend to be an emotional person and i think a lot of situations would have ended much better in the past if i would have took time out to think before i acted out on what i felt. i still struggle with this alot and its something that im working on on a daily basis.

be more outgoing
hiding in my corner

im not very outgoing. actually im more of a hermit, siting in the house all day lol. i really want to meet more people and actually live my life. i hate when i feel like i want to say something to someone but im just to shy or nice to. i want to be able to walk up to anyone and start up a conversation.

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