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  1. 1. Get my life together
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  2. 2. Write papers
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  3. 3. Finish my PhD in April 2014
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  4. 4. Wear an Elie Saab
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  5. 5. Have a beautiful garden
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  6. 6. Get back together with my husband
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  7. 7. Buy a House
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How I did it
How to get organised
It took me
3 months
It made me

How to eat less meat
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1 week
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Recent entries
drive a lotus elise

Going for a test drive on Monday, Yeahh

supervise a master-project
second time around

The first time supervising a master student wasn’t nearly as interesting as I had hoped. But now I’m doing it again and I love it: challenging the student, seeing him learn. So totally worth it!

Write papers

1) I finished my conference papers and am using the text for my thesis.
2) Gave my supervisor a draft for a journal paper.
3) submitted an extra abstract for another conference.

The next steps are:
1) Write drafts for thesis chapters
2) Do additional experiments to complete chapters
3) Bother supervisor for feedback on first paper
4) Use the chapters to write 2 more journal papers
5) Submit first papers
6) Get feedback for next 2 papers
7) Improve and submit paper 2 and 3

lots of work!
I hope I finish this summer!

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