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learn to cook 5 quality dishes

my vegan lasagna is to fucking kill for;))

save up for a new laptop & make it an Mac. (read all 2 entries…)
<3 my macbook air:)))))


become 'serious' about being vegetarian (read all 2 entries…)
dudes, for the past 8 months, i've been a frickin vegan<3

woow; i didn’t realise it had been that long since i’d checked 43things…hey guys!:)

Help defeat John Howard
i just opened my letter of confirmation of enrolment in the Australian electoral commisssion:))

age 19, so this is the first fed election i can vote in. yay!!

ps. whilst googling a pic of dear leader, i came across this image, and had to put it in..rofl:))

attend all the big music festivals this summer (read all 2 entries…)
changing title of this goal,..

from “attend BDO 2008”, to “attend all the big summer muso festivals”.
wish id got off my arse to see ParkLife. M.I.A. was playing <3!

become 'serious' about being vegetarian (read all 2 entries…)

i usually have no problem. it’s not even an effort, or drastic change in my diet, as i’m not a big meat taste fan.

until i come home to a-town for the holidays. and the word ‘vegetarian’ is like blasphemy to my parents.

mother darling will deliberately cook roast beef, or lamb curry, and then make my feel all guilty by emphasizing how long she took slaving over a hot stove to make this…

dad thinks it’s completely weird. and the boys just sit there laughing their butts off as i battle it out, once again, in the me vs them ‘war of no meat’.

to be continued..

record something that's making me feel something today (read all 5 entries…)
the catalpa.

i just watched the most amazing story on the abc.

skip this paragraph if you want to avoid details, but six irish revolutionaries were convicted of treason against the british queen & sent as convicticts to one of the worlds most notorious jails on the west coast of australia. (fremantle, which is sorta where i live).:)
anyway members of the same movement who exiled to america began to devise a ten year long plan to breakout these men, their friends, from one of the most isolated prisons on earth, in a country no one has ever been to, from the other side of the world. and this is in the 1800’s mind you. and i dunno, it was just an genuinely amazing. it’s like prison break, but it actually happened.

its just got me thinking, what these fellas achieved was insane! and it was in cold blood too. they chose to do this. to sail across the sea in a second hand whaleboat for six men they’d mostly never met. simply because it was an injustice they were locked up and it was the right thing to do..

it kina reminds me about a quote i read in highschool. (it was sorta referring to hitler but it went..) “evil only wins when good men do nothing” and i always remembered that line.

it feels really gimpy saying this, but these dudes lived massive lives, what kina story is that?!! i guess it’s got me thinking, i mean i’m only 19, but will i ever do anything as aweinspiring as this?

i live in this city but i’d never heard of this story. check this doco out. i’m going to go hunt down a book:)).

buy a digital SLR
i can't spend really big bucks..

i’m thinking a nikon d40x

my brothers got a d80 and its sweet as! but i think i like the smaller size.. and cost:)

slr cameras are so frickin sexy;)

learn to touch type (read all 2 entries…)
up to level 4..

capital letters suck.

learn a new word every Sunday & use it.

i heard it on last nights election debate, when rudd angrily called johnny “salacious”.

it sounds kinna naughty;)
apparently it means:

1.lustful or lecherous.
2.(of writings, pictures, etc.) obscene; grossly indecent.


1. Appealing to or stimulating sexual desire; lascivious.
2. Lustful; bawdy. pornographic.

i think they were talking about the economy:)?

maybe i got it mixed up with “sagacious”. (which means 1. having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense; shrewd: a sagacious lawyer.)

..but thats just boring;)

record something that's making me feel something today (read all 5 entries…)
a cute line romitsyr gave me when i was randomly protesting about how i couldn't do something

..”but its really fun swimming when you are out there in the pool ;)”

make an anklet out of red, gold & black string
this sets a record for my fastest so far achieved goal:)

i tried to do some complicated braiding but got all knotted up, :o so i just sorta plaited it instead.

and i couldnt find red cotton the color i wanted so i threaded a white string with tiny red glass beads.

the macro on my camera is dodgy. or i just don’t know how to use it. either way, enjoy my blurry photograph:))

record something that's making me feel something today (read all 5 entries…)
this photo

maybe its the flannelet. or the scrawling lights behind him..
i just love how he’s kina rough to look at, but the expression on his face is like he’s far away from it all. obliviously lost in his own moment and his own music and emotion.

theres like a beautiful kind of strength in here. its an image i wish i could just crawl into and experience; with all the gorgeously tragic music crashing around me:).

oh, it’s jeff buckley by the way..

Get coloured contacts
dudes, theres heaps more people doing 'colored' as apposed to 'coloUred' contacts. ..that's the way the US fellas spell it right?

i like my dark brown eyes.. but c’mon, this is my 19th year of dark brown eyes..

it would be fully sweet, to have really dark blue, really dark green, or even black(?)

lol, i’m going to google this:)

Study astronomy. (read all 2 entries…)
big black dogs.

hey, i was listening to some program about the stars last week & it was just after i’d finished the harry potter books:))

anyway, in hp, there’s this magic wizard dude who can morph into a big black dog, and his name is Sirius..

well, they tell me the closest (& therefore brightest/’biggest’) star in the sky is called ‘the dog star’, & other wise known as sirius.

haha, i just thought that was some sweet, abeit somewhat nerdy, trivia:) the end.

learn to touch type (read all 2 entries…)
typing is only fun when you do it in time with music!

i started this intensely today. aim: one hour every day with dad’s typing book.. jjj jfj

ya know what would be really fun? to get one of those old school typwriters… i so know what i want 4 christmas :))
^^this beast is sweet!!

Read all harry potter books
harry potter

ONLY complaint is the nineteen years on bit.. how shitous was that?? it broke the illusion of Harry being this kid we can live through forever. Or cut my excitement/elation off short after such a massive ending!!

i mean, dude, i don’t wanna know he had kids!!!! ..and gets old and gets married and boring/predictable ..and blah blah blag

rip out the last ten pages..but this is an awsome series:)!

re-fall in love with being able to swim!

when i’m studying in the big bad city i never get the chance to.

but now i’m back home.. well, what else is there to do in a pretty little beach town. ..

edit: i never really was out of love;)

record something that's making me feel something today (read all 5 entries…)
feeling; contented..

the mo-poke owl hooting on the rock?/tree?/dark? outside my window.. :))

have j*dog design me a tattoo;)
so much thought is going to go into this before it actually occurs..haha

there is massive danger of this going wrong and ending up tragically trashy. haha:) i’m sorta partial to down near my right hip bone(??)..also kinna thinking about a particular name written around the back of my my heel…



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