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  1. 1. sleep less
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  2. 2. feel beautiful
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  3. 3. drink more water
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  4. 4. breasts
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  5. 5. grow taller
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  6. 6. save electricity
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  7. 7. keep my hands looking pretty
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  8. 8. Shave my legs
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  9. 9. Floss Every Day
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  10. 10. look good
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  11. 11. light more candles
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  12. 12. speak louder
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  13. 13. be more confident
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  14. 14. B cup
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sleep less

When I went through a period of depression I slept WAY too much and it has stayed with me!! Although I don’t let myself sleep during the day anymore – unless there’s a valid reason – I still find it almost impossible to wake up when I intended to.

The only helpful piece of advice I can give anyone is have someone else call you – someone that will argue with you about it until you actually get up. This works for me. :) Hopefully when I have done this enough it’ll become a habit.

drink more water (read all 3 entries…)
Woohoo day 1 complete

I drank 8 glasses of water today :) Yay me!

I find it easier to think about it as drinking a glass every two hours.. makes it seem less overwhelming. and when you think about it, your body probably does need that regular fluid input to keep it running optimally :)

Also automatically refilling your glass after you finish it helps.

drink more water (read all 3 entries…)
Been a while...

It’s been a whlie since I did anything with this one – although I do solidly drink a glass at breakfast and at dinner and no longer drink juice/soda..

But I was reading yet another article on the health benefits of drinking eight glasses and I figure it’s worth another try. sigh

I’m usually up between 7am and 11pm: 16 hours – so I guess it’s a glass every 2 hours for me.

Drinking 2nd glass now :)

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