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  1. 1. start a political party
    20 people
  2. 2. learn to swim
    3,446 people
  3. 3. go to batanes
    22 people
  4. 4. go to palawan
    26 people
  5. 5. go to boracay
    37 people
  6. 6. go to sagada
    8 people
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get broadband

I am not subscribing to my 24/7 broadband connection in my apartment yet. I am sharing my wireless iBurst ( connection I use for work whenever I am in the apartment. My Ilokano genes won this time.

buy a 20" imac (read all 2 entries…)
not today

i guess i have to suffer more mac-envy now. i decided to buy a dell inspiron 6400 laptop instead. it is the cheapest laptop with an intel core duo. for someone moving a lot like myself, i dont need to lug around a desktop. now i have two laptops: one for work and the other one for my personal stuffs.

i now use my new laptop to watch and record free-to-air hdtv. im trying to set it up as a PVR (personal video recorder) so i can just watch my favorite tv shows on the weekend. that’ll be in another blog.

move to a better apartment
Moving to a new apartment...

We are moving to a new apartment tomorrow!

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