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  1. 1. fly
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  2. 2. i want to see weezer live in concert
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  3. 3. i want to see my real self
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  4. 4. i want to know the truth
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  5. 5. holy
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  6. 6. explore the univers
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  7. 7. free
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  8. 8. know more about krishna
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i want to know the truth
what truth?

hi! im a simple person ho whants to know the truth. i know you wounder what truth im looking for? hehehe even i dont know, maybe theres no truth,, what u thing? why dont you ask your self what truth you wnt to knw? maybe its a matter of accepting that what is true to you maybe not be true to me. we jst live it this way. thruth is just a word with defferent meanings E8-)


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