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  1. 1. Read more books
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  2. 2. travel around the world
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  3. 3. start working out
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  4. 4. stop procrastinating
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  5. 5. Collect old computers and related stuff
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Get a PSP

If you are thinking about getting a PSP, stop thinking and just go get it! It is amazing. The graphics, the sound, the games, the fact that you can go online and surf the web, the multiplayer facilities. Its the slickiest, coolest and most wonderful gadget/system I ever used / owned. Wonderful!

Collect old computers and related stuff
Back in time

I am retro freak. Big time. I love all things that remind me of my youth ( 80’s—90’s). Especially computers, magazines and TV/Movies memorabilia. I have always wanted to buy some old computers to decorate my already packed room, and even use them once in a while.

cocoa application
Developing Cocoa apps is fun

Getting a Cocoa based application from your brain to actually working takes surprisingly little time, and its really easy and fun thing to do.

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