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  1. 1. start smoking
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  2. 2. drink more water
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  3. 3. never drink alcohol
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  4. 4. bleach my hair
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  5. 5. learn to drive
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start smoking (read all 4 entries…)

I started smoking, I smoked quite a bit but I do not hink I smoked enough. I never really got any pleasure out of smoking, it was just a thing I did. Without really thinking I reduced the anount to 1 a week. Now I am back in school I have stopped completly and it seams just like i never smoked.
Was this just because I did not smoke enough or consistently enough to get the cravings to keep me smoking. I smoked about 3 4 a day for about 4 weeks, except the weekends.

start smoking (read all 4 entries…)

Ok so i started but not much I some about a 4 a day sometimes more sometimes less, usally in the evenings and not on the week end. i have not yet had anything that I could say is a crave so how much more and for how long will i have to smoke before i get addicted, bringing me more pleasure out of smoking?

build my own computer (read all 2 entries…)
Done it

Bought all the parts real cheap now i got a nice fast system that only cost me £400. It may only be the bacics like motherboard, prosessor, graphic card and RAM but now I got something i can build on.

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