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Learn how to send messages to people on 43things ...
How do you send a message on 43things?

I see the “click send message” in the help file also, but yeah, I don’t see it on the users page either!

Maybe it used to be there and was removed?


learn to meditate
Technique and persistence are the keys

Without the right technique you can keep trying forever and you won’t get anywhere. Then with the right technique, you will have to go through a lot of distractions and persist through them. There are lots of good techniques that can be used for different purposes, and also lots of bad techniques that will make things worse.

Here is a very, very easy technique that works quickly and well to get a quick idea of what it’s like to quiet down your mind for a bit. Maybe I should make a video at some point as that would be easier, but I’ll just use text for now.

1. Sit down comfortably somewhere
2. With both arms, point with your index fingers to an object in front of you, and extend your arms completely until they are straight.
3. Keep your arms pointing straight forward, but bend your wrists to point straight upwards.
4. Focus your attention on both fingers that are in front of you.
5. Start to move your fingers further away from each other horizontally, making sure you are keeping your attention on both fingers. If this becomes too difficult, and your attention moves from one finger to the other or fails entirely, move your fingers closer together again until you can get your attention on both fingers again. When you have your attention on both fingers again, attempt to move them further out again slowly while maintaining attention on both.
6. Keep doing this until you succeed on having your arms held out straight to your sides at the limit of your peripheral vision, with your attention on both fingers.
7. While keeping your attention on both fingers, notice your mind.

Would love to hear how this works out for anyone that tries it.

Go skydiving
Went in New Zealand!

One of the most awesome experiences ever!

Jumping out of the plane is pretty crazy, but after that it’s just… wow. So peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.

There is a good reason to jump out of a perfectly good plane!

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