knowing isn't doing

I'm doing 6 things

How I did it
How to get my mail all sorted
It took me
4 days
It made me

How to get a refund from the health insurance
It took me
300 days
It made me

How to daily: Reflect on 5 things that made me happy and/or grateful
It took me
3 weeks
It made me

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Recent entries
book holidays
Yes two of them

Both to the same place, one I’ve already booked, but not yet the ferry, the other I have to do both.

organize toys
We have lots and lots

Everything has to get their own place, be it in our cupboard, childrens bedroom, second hand stores or garbagecan.

organize my clothes
Consists of three things...

1. Sorting out the clothes in my dresser, throw away, keep, sell or give away.
2. Buy some more so I have enough matching clothes
3. Tidy my dresser

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