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  1. 1. spend more time outdoors with my son
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  2. 2. Get organized
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  3. 3. see the northern lights
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  4. 4. Learn to use my sewing machine
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  5. 5. get up on time
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  6. 6. Remain tattoo free
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  7. 7. buy a car
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  8. 8. Go to Mardi Gras
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  9. 9. go to more shows
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  10. 10. be less depressed
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  11. 11. work less
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  12. 12. worry less
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  13. 13. take better care of myself
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  14. 14. own my own home
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  15. 15. stop bouncing checks
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  16. 16. Complete Baby Step 1 of the Total Money Makeover
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How I did it
How to buy a House
It took me
9 years
It made me
Yay, house!

How to finish my masters
It took me
5 years
It made me

How to commute less
It took me
3 years
It made me
woo-hoo! Sleep!

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Recent entries
own my own home

I have bought my home and am paying on it, but I won’t OWN it for another $123,000.

buy a car
My car is dying.

My 2001 Oldsmobile Alero is on its last legs. 188K+ miles, have put $400 worth of work into it this last month, still won’t run. I think it needs a battery. I’d like to save up and pay cash for one, but money’s so tight, I don’t see that happening any time soon. $2900 more to pay off on the truck.

Update, Feb 22, 2011—It turned out to need a $90 battery. Fixed the stuck-down window with duct tape. Interior still smells like a wet dog, but, to quote Jack White, “It ain’t no vintage Cadillac/ But she always gets me there and back!”

stop bouncing checks
so far, so good...

Two weeks have gone by since we got “back in the black.” So far, so good. We just need to make it 8 more days till I get paid again. Groceries are bought, we just have to manage gasoline and cigarettes…

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