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Write my business plan
I did.

I wrote the plan, and sadly, it doesn’t add up. I guess that’s why you write the plan, but I’m sad to let go of my idea. S

be a consultant
I did it!

I reached out to organizations who posted job openings, and sent my qualifications saying: if you want to take more time with your search, I could offer my services in the interim as a consultant. I am now creating a fundraising plan for a local orchestra who decided they couldn’t afford a full time executive director, but could afford a consultant to help them fundraise to get them there! So proud of myself!!

stop going to atms with fees (read all 2 entries…)

I switched to bank with no fees, anywhere, anytime. Now I just need to get organzied to switch over all my automated bills and deposits. When that’s done, no more fees.

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