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Goodbye 43things.

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be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
  • Weeding out our garden.
  • Collected bunch of new hazelnuts.
  • Got that phone call!
  • Awesome food.
  • Pretty pictures.
  • I Love this old dog.

Bad: I seem to be heading towards headache times.

lose weight (again) (read all 7 entries…)
Changes and same old.

I have been eating much, much healthier. A lot of veggies, fruits, less pastry, less take-away.


I have a problem with portion control.
I eat until I’m FULL, not until I know is enough.

And I’m not sure how to deal with this. I constantly say to myself I will control my portions, but I never do.

Also, I’m addicted to sweets. But it’s really less of an issue.

If I could just eat less, it would be just great. :)

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Working in the garden:
  • I think I can safely say our tomatoes are revitalized (from what they looked like few weeks ago)!
  • More zucchini are finally appearing – we already picked one, and at least 3 more will be ready in a few days!

Making delicious blackberry smoothie for breakfast. It looks amazing with that deep purple color. Too bad I don’t have a camera to save the memory (we officially ate all of our blackberries, and it’s growing quite slow).

Yesterday we made really tasty bruschetti – with pesto, smoked hard cheese, portobello mushrooms and tomatoes, mmm…

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
A short one.
  • Ate grilled cheese sandwiches (again), mmm.
  • Watched a heartwarming film yesterday.
  • Colder temperature.

BUT: I’ve been feeling very nervous because I’m expecting a call that just isn’t coming. And I don’t want to be pushy and call. Ghhh…

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Post-final chapter?

I didn’t really plan to write about this day to day stuff here anymore, but since things happened, and 43things is still here, I WILL!

  • Working in the garden: we cleared the weeds around our blackberries and tied them up. They are quite a surprise actually, because some time ago we tried them and they were very sour, and even A’s mother said that blackberries here are sour, so we didn’t pay much attention to them. But today we tried them again (we were sporadically picking them and freezing to use for the cheesecake) and they were VERY sweet and tasty! Yay, I can’t wait to make smoothy with them.
  • More working in the garden: Gathering, picking and cracking a LOT of hazelnuts. We weren’t entirely sure if they are ripe yet, but we roasted them and they taste quite nice.
  • We had hedgehog situation two nights in a row! First night it went very smooth because we were experienced from last time. Second time, the dog found the hedgehog outside of out garden (just by the fence but in the garden next to us), but A. was smart and used a hose to spray Jay (who is afraid of water) which made him run back to our garden, with the poor fellow in his mouth. It was smooth from here on. We’re a good team. Too bad we have a hunter for a dog, it would be awesome to have hedgehogs in the garden to eat bugs. sigh
  • I craved something sweet tonight and ate and apple instead. I feel proud of myself.
  • Actually worked on my blog.

Nice to see 43t still up. Even if it’s only for a day.

Bid a fond farewell to this site in the old style
Ending a chapter.

You know what would have been cool?
If they’ve given us unlimited cheers for the day! :)


First time I came to 43things was when a friend recommended it to me, long ago, in high school. I wasn’t impressed then.

Few years later, I needed a place to correspond with a friend who lived in another city, but who didn’t want to use facebook. So I remembered “that site from years ago”, and we started using it for messaging. Along side that, I slowly and shyly started with goals and entries, cheering and commenting. And 43things grew on me.

Present date: I find it hard to imagine my life without 43things – whenever something important (maybe utterly unimportant and silly for someone else, but very important in my little world) happens, I imagine how will I share it on 43things. I met many amazing, wonderful people who broadened my views and helped me grow as a person. I am honored to have met you. And I can only hope I made at least a tiny impact on your lives (even if it’s only by sharing a pretty picture).

I am glad I will stay connected with so many of you.
But no place will ever be a home that 43things was.

Goodbye and farewell!

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
The end.

I was going through goals and marking those I’ve done complete (sorry for the spam!), and it was very heart-warming. Every goal made me think of a moment or remember a memory.

Also, I want to note that yesterday there was a meteor shower and we sat in the garden watching it. It wasn’t very successful because of the huge moon and generally lights (it would have been better if we watched it closer to dawn… but we couldn’t wait), but we saw some and they were lovely. And I’m pretty sure that actually I saw a bolide!

I will miss 43things so much. You have been a huge part of my life. This is my last grumpy-grateful entry (ending at 80 entries sounds nice).

I might write some cheesy goodbye tomorrow, or not. If I don’t – see ya at popclogs, facebook, refugee site and at this year Secret Santa!

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)

I just got cosmetic I ordered few days ago!
It smells awesome and they gave me a body butter extra – I didn’t even order it! So nice and considerate of them!
The lip balm with ginger and cinnamon is so tasty and smells wonderful!
And the delivery was free too!
Yay, I’m so happy!

I’m only sad because the half of what I got will go for my mother’s birthday, but I’m sure she will love it too!

who will I talk to about these things when 43t goes down?

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)

Yesterday the moon was AWESOME! So big and shiny, I didn’t know it was an actual phenomenon but accidentally saw some news about it later.

We went out in the dark and looked a the moon with out binoculars. It was really beautiful.

  • eating a lot of watermelon this summer
  • today we made a perfect Crema di Fungi pasta… really exquisite!

Bad: Some days ago I wrote to an old friend. We grew apart during the years, but we kept going for a once-every-six-months coffee until she went to live abroad. My message was in a friendly tone, something simple, just to see how are things going for her. And she didn’t answer. I know she saw it (it was on facebook), but didn’t answer. That made me sad.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Only 5 days left!

But I’ll keep writing here until the very end!

  • We made grilled cheese sandwiches for the first time! I know they are very common in certain parts of the world, but here they aren’t – people mostly eat “warm sandwiches” which are sandwiches made in a toaster, which is obviously different. They are very tasty I must admit, although I don’t feel happy about myself when I eat so much bread. :) But we will definitely be making them again.
  • ordered some cosmetic (soaps, a bath ball and a lip balm to be more precise) that are make of natural ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. I can’t wait for it to come and to try it! It’s not Lush but what can I do when we are a Lush-less country.
  • generally feeling not-too-good physically
  • I really feel like going to archery again
  • I really wish I had more money

Here you go a picture of a tail-less lizard we met in our garden!

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)

omgomgomg 43t is almost gone… :/

Anyhow, we tried making doughnuts for the first time… and we failed. :) They turned out a non-doughnuts, but still edible. Next time it will be better!!

Felt dizzy sometimes. Hm.

Also, since I learned how to crochet, I don’t feel like knitting. (not that I have yarns for it but…)
But, I’m making different market and produce bags, and I’m having a blast with them!

Also (2), our garden is in a very bad shape. We don’t know why but it looks really sad. Maybe too much rain, maybe because we didn’t spray them. Next year will be better (if we’re even here then).

write a blog

I would like to write a blog. But I feel that if I do so, I should be able to say something meaningful in it.

So, I made a blog.

I don’t know what I would say yet, but I have some ideas about food, crafts, photography and life… Which I will implement in time. When I feel like saying things that seem meaningful.

This will (someday) develop into my blog: – for now consider it a trial version, which I don’t really work much on. But I promise I will in time! So, you can bookmark it for later. :)

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Another lately entry
  • cooked corn
  • amazing meal we made from zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onion (all 4 came from our garden) and soy and cheese (not from our garden) – this was our first zucchini!
  • seeing my parents
  • my camera is broken which makes me very sad
  • not being productive enough
  • headache

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Well, something I've never done before...

Yesterday we had a Midnight Adventure.

First of all, we didn’t have electricity, which does happen often in this house because of the lousy out-of-town infrastructure.
So, around midnight we were in bed, lights we’re off (well, a candle was) and we we’re on our way to dreamland.
But, we heard our dog frantically barking in the yard!

We got up, with a candle and a flashlight and went out to see him, out of his mind, because he found a hedgehog! It was quite a fight there, us trying to get him away from the poor hedgehog, him not giving a damn about us (he would just grab it and run from us, and then drop it and continue barking at it). Finally after a while we managed to chain him (A. had to pick him up and carry him down to his chain), and then picked up the poor hedgehog with a shovel and left him beyond our garden gate.

My hopes go to hedgehog, I hope he is well. :)

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)

I would really love to go to the seaside. But not for 10 days, but for a 3 months or more. So I don’t have to rush but actually live there. I wish…

Unfortunately, that is impossible.

Also, I’m incredibly sad about this banner and 43t definitive closing. You wonderful people mean so much to me, you are the ones I talk to about all the things I have no one else to talk to about to. Life without 43t seems like a much emptier life.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
  • A. made me (us) a 12mm and 15mm wooden crocheting hook!
  • chilling out
  • tomatoes from our garden
  • I really wish to lose weight, but I just don’t have the willpower for it
  • my yarn stash is almost finished and I don’t have the funds to get more

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Storms and a dog

We have a lot of storms lately.
And our guard dog is scared of thunders.
And he doesn’t use his dog-house because he was chained to it for the last 10 years (credit goes to A’s late grandmother).

So, because of a bad storm tonight, we have let him in the house (we generally let him hang out inside during the day, but never during the night because he’s an outdoor dog, and we really don’t know how will he act when confined inside for so long as an entire night). So, wish us luck that he doesn’t make too much of a mess during the night.
But I really couldn’t let him stay out in this weather, he is so sad and scared. :/

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)
Lately happy:
  • crocheting!
  • we tried starfruit for the first time ever, awesome!
  • seeing my family, and dog
  • big grocery shopping (I just love that kinda of shopping)
  • nice weather
  • we saw a yellow Oriole bird, it’s so beautiful and vibrantly yellow

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 84 entries…)

I learned how to crochet!
Working on tomatoes in our garden!
Love in the air!

Had a bad period of headaches but it’s over for now!
My computer is down! I need to reinstall it in a few days, oh noes!
Bugs in the air!

Stay in touch with 43 thing friends :-) (read all 2 entries…)

I don’t feel like writing here anymore, it’s so empty and generally falling apart.

Although I have an account on popclogs, I’m really not into it, there are too many things I don’t like there. It just doesn’t feel like I would want it to.
So, after 43things disappears, I’m not sure I will continue writing entries anywhere for a while. It’ll be a huge loss, but I just don’t see myself feeling again like this anywhere but here.


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