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be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)

I would really love to go to the seaside. But not for 10 days, but for a 3 months or more. So I don’t have to rush but actually live there. I wish…

Unfortunately, that is impossible.

Also, I’m incredibly sad about this banner and 43t definitive closing. You wonderful people mean so much to me, you are the ones I talk to about all the things I have no one else to talk to about to. Life without 43t seems like a much emptier life.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
  • A. made me (us) a 12mm and 15mm wooden crocheting hook!
  • chilling out
  • tomatoes from our garden
  • I really wish to lose weight, but I just don’t have the willpower for it
  • my yarn stash is almost finished and I don’t have the funds to get more

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Storms and a dog

We have a lot of storms lately.
And our guard dog is scared of thunders.
And he doesn’t use his dog-house because he was chained to it for the last 10 years (credit goes to A’s late grandmother).

So, because of a bad storm tonight, we have let him in the house (we generally let him hang out inside during the day, but never during the night because he’s an outdoor dog, and we really don’t know how will he act when confined inside for so long as an entire night). So, wish us luck that he doesn’t make too much of a mess during the night.
But I really couldn’t let him stay out in this weather, he is so sad and scared. :/

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Lately happy:
  • crocheting!
  • we tried starfruit for the first time ever, awesome!
  • seeing my family, and dog
  • big grocery shopping (I just love that kinda of shopping)
  • nice weather
  • we saw a yellow Oriole bird, it’s so beautiful and vibrantly yellow

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)

I learned how to crochet!
Working on tomatoes in our garden!
Love in the air!

Had a bad period of headaches but it’s over for now!
My computer is down! I need to reinstall it in a few days, oh noes!
Bugs in the air!

Stay in touch with 43 thing friends :-) (read all 2 entries…)

I don’t feel like writing here anymore, it’s so empty and generally falling apart.

Although I have an account on popclogs, I’m really not into it, there are too many things I don’t like there. It just doesn’t feel like I would want it to.
So, after 43things disappears, I’m not sure I will continue writing entries anywhere for a while. It’ll be a huge loss, but I just don’t see myself feeling again like this anywhere but here.


be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
I hate naming my entries
  • knitting totally awesome stuff
  • playing guitar and singing together
  • passed the exam with flying colors

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Last days!
  • an exam (although I believe I passed it)
  • 2 trips to the city in a short period
  • an unexpected and very negative visit that shook out foundations here
  • his anger while driving
  • feeling exhausted
  • “end of the school year lunch” with my family by the river
  • oatmeal with currants
  • knitted a market bag and I LOVE it

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
New day
  • we ate currants from “our own” garden and they taste awesome
  • hopefully successful studying
  • rain-ish weather, so less bugs
  • getting nervous about the exam tomorrow
  • saw the biggest bug I’ve ever seen (seems totally harmless but was huge for my standards)
  • a cricket found it’s way to a totally closed room… how?

I love it here, really, it is so free and inspiring, but I’m getting a bit exhausted with this fight I’m leading with the world of bugs.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)

Today wasn’t a very good day.

First, some big flying bugs are swarming our porch, so hanging out was a quite uncomfortable. Countryside is kinda losing it’s feel if we gotta hangout inside.

A horrible, f**king, centipede-like, big, creepy bug was on out bedroom wall. I’m horrified, and very afraid to go to sleep.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)

The dog is back after 2 days!
More knitting! I’ve made so many little projects since I came here.
I actually made a pattern of my own (nothing spectacular, but still).
Secret Santa plans. :)

Grumpy: Since it stopped raining, there are more bugs, which I don’t mind too much, except for some evil wasps who were attacking us today! Rain is better than heat!

Here you go a picture of Dante before his haircut.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Today's stuff
  • knitting, knitting!
  • not much food (even though I’m writing this hungry)
  • interesting weather, it kept switching from sunny to rainy for the whole day
  • first photos in out flickr!
  • the dog is missing for 2 days now, and although his parents say it happened before, I’m a bit scared of what could have happened to him

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Countryside impressions
  • We’re both feeling extremely inspired and positive.
  • I can’t stop knitting.
  • We’ve started working on my graphic novel, and now he’s drawing and coloring finished scenes from it.
  • We took bunch of (good) photographs.
  • he can’t stop drawing and coloring (on the computer).
  • The nature and birds bring me such joy.
  • It’s wonderful to have a whole house to yourself.
  • The nights are a bit creepy. I’m used to living in an apartment tucked inside of a building, where you feel quite safe. Here you look out of the window at night and you see: darkness. The only alarm you got is the dog (when he’s even there), and if he starts barking you have no idea if he’s doing it with some purpose or just for nothing (at bugs, thunders etc). So, yeah, it’s a bit creepy, or maybe just unusual.
  • I wish we had some friends who would be interested in coming here, just to show someone how awesome it is here. But there’s no one.

This are happy, productive times.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)

Faced with the imminent death of the 43things, I’ve started reviewing the options…

I started a blog! But I don’t really know what to do with it, so at the moment it’s on hold.

Started a flickr too. But I need to discuss material with A, since he’s mostly the photographer.

I will move to popclogs after the 43t has definitely closed, mostly because so many people are migrating there. But for now I’m not really too much into it.

Such sad days have come. I can’t believe 43t is actually closing.
I will post here until the very end.

create (knit, sew, write...) (read all 22 entries…)
For my man...

A keychain.

create (knit, sew, write...) (read all 22 entries…)
A few more

Rose Brooches!

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
  • knitting
  • outdoors
  • birds (we’re next to a mini forest so we see and hear a lot of lovely, unusual birds… today we identified a Common Redstart, which we’ve never seen before, ever)
  • cuddling under a blanket and watching TV together
  • successful studying
  • feeling inspired

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Impressions lately

We went to the countryside for a week or more. But it keeps raining! However, we still spend days at the porch, listening to birds while hanging out.

  • we gathered leaves and flowers to press them and make pictures out of them
  • knitting rose brooches in the nature
  • cool old guard dog here, he goes for walks by himself when he feels like it (so a guard dog when he’s here)
  • enjoying the isolation
  • headache yesterday
  • eating fat
  • last episode of Game of Thrones, now we gotta wait until April!

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
Butterflies and more

We come across many brown butterflies in our walks lately!
Sometimes it feels like we’re in some movie, when they fly up as we walk through grass.

Studied more. But won’t be taking the exam tomorrow.
Feeling nervous.

Much sun.
It’s very warm, but I decided not to stress about it because it’s not something I can change.

be more happy / less grumpy (read all 73 entries…)
A few random thoughts

1. I’m in a constant struggle between my love for food and the desire to be desirable.

2. Vitiligo on my hands is spreading but I don’t mind it much. I actually find it interesting in a way, I’m a more colorful person now. But I won’t be too happy if it spreads on my face.

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