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have my own chickens to lay free-range eggs
A new pet??

I am looking forward to moving within the next year. I am looking for a place with a little piece of land for my dogs. While looking through some photos I saw a old picture of me hugging a rooster and it made me remember my old family home with chickens running around. I am excited to find a home and get my first chicken and to collect her first layed egg.

donate hair to Locks of Love
Try a new look

Every since I little I have had super long hair. The longest it has been was when it would touch my waist all through my middle school years. Since than I have been keeping it shoulder length. Now I want to grow it out super long again and donate it. The only pain is that it can be a little difficult to wash and brush but anything is worth enduring if it will be put to good use.

milk a cow
In touch with nature

I have always wanted to be hands on, and how much more hands on can you get than milking a cow???
I have no clue where to go to do this but I hope that whenever I get a chance to do this that I dont end up making a fool of myself by getting no milk lol.

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