I'm doing 10 things

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  1. 1. Save money
    16,489 people
  2. 2. file Canadian taxes
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  3. 3. marry a lawyer
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  4. 4. See Bond live in concert
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  5. 5. be happy for once.
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  6. 6. Make enough money so that money doesn't matter
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  7. 7. pay off my debt
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  8. 8. Give my cat more toys than any cat deserves
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    7 people
  9. 9. Own a penguin
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  10. 10. get an oil change
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to get all b's on my next report card

It can be hard keeping good grades, but the way I succeeded was using every study hall to complete homework so I wouldn’t procrastinate at home.

have a conversation with a canadian

it was a weird conversation, but i got through it and i learned about their hardships in this world.


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