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complete an online art history class
study art history

I want to get back into art history as well as practicing art. I will start by taking an online art history class through Oxford University. It will start in September and requires about 10 hours of study per week. I’m going to be busy on top of everything else, but I need to get back into the art world. I’ll update with the course title when I make my final decision.

writing real letters
writing letters!

I want to write at least one real letter a week and overall increase my contact with people. While living abroad, I feel a little distanced from people back home, so I want to get back in touch and be in better touch in a more fruitful way than just looking at facebook.

be comfortable with basic conversational Japanese this next year
improve my Japanese

I want to get comfortable with basic conversational Japanese within the next year. I live in Japan and want to make more progress towards speaking basic Japanese without worry about mistakes. I am not in school for Japanese, so I need to be self-disciplined about studying and seek more opportunities to speak in Japanese. I plan to attend at least weekly private lessons, increase my chances to speak Japanese by being more active in my community, and to study on my own at least 7 hours a week to begin with. I want my focus with learning this year to be more interactive and natural, so I don’t want to push the books to the exclusion of face-to-face conversations.

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