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2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!

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Feeling Sad

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rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)

Well, our vacation is coming to an end and most of it compliments of my mom. We have been staying at my mom’s house for the last part of our vacation since late Sunday night. We were supposed to leave tomorrow but we are opting to leave today, a day early.

It’s just too much of a cost for us. My mom at every opportunity finds fault to complain and criticize. It’s just way too much for us. All the way from “Good morning. How are you?” Seriously, how can you complain about that? But, my mom finds occasion to criticize and telling me that common sense would dictate that that’s the wrong thing to say.

Then, later as we entered the house and I said, “Hi, mom.” That was the wrong thing because I should have waited until I saw her. Well, I saw the car was in the garage and I figured she was home, so I didn’t need to actually see her as her house is kind of big and I didn’t want to go searching the house.

Such simple little things and she can criticize for those things. Can you see how she might be on bigger things. My sister and her are very similar, more so than her and I, but I do share some things similar to my mom and it just really hurts.

Actually, if you put everyone in my family together, she is more negative than all of us times 5-10. It’s just too much for us. My husband had to finally admit it was too much. It was him that wanted to stay here because my mom had a bed for us to sleep in, but it would have been better to stay at my brother’s and sleep on the floor for a week to have peace.

She’s made comments and jabs that my husband is not a good husband. Such as, she saw my brother grilling for our dinner last night. Well, that is the only time he helps with the cooking. The rest of the time, my SIL does all the cooking and prep, buying the stuff work. My brother is an awful disciplinarian and their kids are disrespectful, though we love them immensely.

They do have a really nice family, but their kids lack good discipline. I’ll have to admit, I’m not the best at consistency when it comes to discipline, but I am learning. My husband is very consistent and the kids are way better than they ever have been, though we have a ways to go.

If I would write everything my mom has complained, criticized about, I would be sitting her all the day, but we need to get ready to pack to head back home.

I love my mom and appreciate everything she has given us and done for us. She seriously needs counseling. I think interacting with her, I need counseling, but it’s not in our budget at this time. So, I will just have to make myself do EFT and pray, seeking God.

visit yellowstone national park (read all 2 entries…)

We visited Yellowstone for 4.5 days this past week. We stayed in Bozeman, MT, which was 89 miles from the west and north entrances. It cost us about 1/3 of what it would have cost us if we stayed in Yellowstone or near the west entrance. It was ridiculously priced.

We stayed at the Super 8 and it was pretty good except the bathroom fan never worked, despite me asking for it to be serviced. They said there was nothing wrong with it, but I beg to differ.

The breakfasts were decent at this Super 8. Most mornings I had biscuits & gravy, an egg, and yogurt. I would fill up for breakfast so I wasn’t as hungry during the day. We would eat sandwiches for lunch we made with food we would buy on sale at the store.

I even got a Smith’s card so I could get discounts and I also got a discount on gas, too. Yay.

visit yellowstone national park (read all 2 entries…)

We visited Yellowstone for 4.5 days this past week. We stayed in Bozeman, MT, which was 89 miles from the west and north entrances. It cost us about 1/3 of what it would have cost us if we stayed in Yellowstone or near the west entrance. It was ridiculously priced.

We stayed at the Super 8 and it was pretty good except the bathroom fan never worked, despite me asking for it to be serviced. They said there was nothing wrong with it, but I beg to differ.

The breakfasts were decent at this Super 8. Most mornings I had biscuits & gravy, an egg, and yogurt. I would fill up for breakfast so I wasn’t as hungry during the day. We would eat sandwiches for lunch we made with food we would buy on sale at the store.

I even got a Smith’s card so I could get discounts and I also got a discount on gas, too. Yay.

rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)

I love Wall Street and the stock market world wide. Definitely not perfect and where you have huge money, you can bet there is corruption. I love watching movies about the stock market and though I hate profanity, I know most of the movies about the stock market contain a lot of profanity.

I mean, why is that? Is it because you handle and trade lots of money that that gives you some entitlement to every few words use the f* word or does that make you cool? I have occasionally used a swear word here and there and it’s totally unacceptable. My error and it’s out of insane anger when I do it, never out of just for the heck of it.

Maybe in cases where you’re life is being threatened or you’re in war, I can see it. In fact, I even went to a concert with Foster the People and I did not hear one swear word. I found that to be pretty cool and awesome.

I think one’s life is so much richer when it’s not riddled with profane words. I mean, the English language is very rich and there are so many better words to convey feelings. But, I find when people loosely use profane words, it really says to me that they really aren’t as intelligent as they think, nor are they cool.

I had borrowed the Wolf of Wall Street from the library. I thank God I did not pay money to rent or buy this DVD. I think it was within the first 5 minutes or so there were so many f* words, that I believe every other word was the f* word. Is that cool?

They were well dressed men and some women in suits, but it just made me think of trash. I’ve watched the Die Hard movies and they have way too much profanity in them, but the Wolf of Wall Street makes it seem like a Walt Disney movie.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Leonardo DiCaprio (sp?) was the Wolf and let me just say, he is among one of my least favorite actors in Hollywood. It was before this movie, but this one just clinched it that though he may consider himself talented and many too, I think he lacks good judgment and has poor character.

In one of the first minutes of the movie, it just shows him living it up and how great he is, how he spends his money on hookers, despite being married. In one scene, it shows this woman’s butt in the air as she’s bent over and he’s blowing drugs into her butt.

Seriously, was that necessary to even show that in the movie? It was rated R but that is WAY beyond R. Hollywood is always pushing the limits on things and I’m thankful that my son wasn’t around to see that.

Heck, I didn’t even know stuff like that existed and because I have a semi photographic memory, I am just asking that God wipe that from my memory. It is incredibly disturbing.

In fact, the movie I saw before that, which was Margin Call, one guy made 2.5M that year and he spent $76K on hookers.

I like the technicality of the stock market and the level playing field. But, maybe one of the reasons for so much corruption on Wall Street are people like these people who make tons of money, but have absolutely no morals.

You can openly cheat on your spouse, or be heavily into prostitution, drugs and you’re entrusted with millions, maybe even billions of dollars? These people can’t even have integrity in their own life, how can they be trusted with all that money?

Destroying lives is not cool. I’m going to think twice about watching any other Wall Street type movie because that Wolf one made me almost want to puke. The vileness of that creep.

Before he made it rich, he must have been a super creep. All that money just made him a rich creep. He makes me sick.

Save 43Things entries

The last time I used HTTrack, it took many hrs and I couldn’t find any of my entries. I am waiting for a response from CandC because when I try to download Lifeboat, it says it’s malicious software.

I already had HTTrack and I followed Cora’s instructions on how to change things to get what I need, which is more than what I originally did because I didn’t know what I was doing when I ran HTTrack.

Thanks to CandC for the instructions.

Not sure what Ru is talking about 4 and 20 deep, etc, but I guess I will find out. I’ve been delaying doing this, but I need to get this done before I go on vacation at the end of next week.

So, hopefully all goes with the HTTrack backup and I don’t have to do anything else after that.

rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)
Last Night - Dinner

We invited my mom for dinner last night. It’s her normal mode of operation to find fault and nitpick, while at the same time offering something good. It’s very confusing.

I know my mom doesn’t want any of her children, grandchildren, our spouses to have any stress, but honestly that’s not realistic. She wants to have no stresses in her life than the occasional thing. Okay. Not that I want to be overwhelmed in stress, but when you have kids, husband, obligations, you naturally have stress.

It doesn’t help that most every time she sees me that she says I work a lot. I know I work a lot. Most weeks, I work 7 days a week and many hours for little pay. It’s what I have and can get right now, as sad as that may sound. Often it’s not even minimum wage.

However, the plus side is I can do this work wherever there is my laptop and internet connection and though daily I have deadlines, I can choose when during that deadline to get it done. I can work in my jammies and I have no commute. So, those are the plus things.

I accepted the terms of the conditions to work for this pay and I do work extra for extra pay. It’s not much, but for now, it’ll have to do. I don’t constantly think about it. I’m reminded when I’m up until midnight working, like last night again.

However, I got to be around my husband and children for the day and when I took short breaks, they are around. So, I get to interact with them. Usually I try to look at the good side, rather than keep bemoaning what it is not, as that doesn’t help anything but put me more in a bad mood and attitude, which happened last night.

My mom is a CONSTANT nagger and I mean to the nth degree. It’s hard for me to take. I know the weight I gained earlier this year was because of her nagging and saying things that emotionally I couldn’t deal with it and just began eating. Last night after she left, I ate a Kit Kat bar. I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted to eat something.

I have a large stash of Kit Kats for my husband, which he loves and I hide in different places that he’ll stumble upon for sure, like under his keyboard. I asked him where he got the Kit Kat as he was enjoying it. He said his keyboard laid the Kit Kat bar. That made me laugh, which I needed.

Since I’ve been buying little treats for my husband for the past few months, I’ve not eaten ONE bar, until my mom. I almost started crying.

My mom is always so worried and concerned that I work too hard. Okay. I got it, but stop placing that on me. I already have enough stresses to deal with, I don’t need her stuff on top of that. That really, in comparison to everything else, is just too much for me.

My mom offered to send us on vacation of our choice (within reason) all expenses paid by her for however long we want. She assumed that I would get paid for my vacation from my subcontracting work and I said I am not their employee, rather a contractor. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. However, since most days I don’t even make $40, taking a week off is $200 and the loss of that $200-$300 is more realized by the gain I would derive (as well as my family) from the refreshment I would get on the vacation.

Instead of just asking like a normal person and letting us figure it out, or asking if I could take time off, she went into nitpick that if I went and worked as a receptionist, I could be making more money. Well, yes that is true. And, I have applied for quite a few receptionist jobs. However, they require that you fill out a job history on the app and when they see my employment history, I think that already has them put in a pile of not to consider, because it’s really low level from what I’ve done.

I’ve applied at jobs as low as stocking shelves to being a high level technical manager and what I have right now is what I’ve been doing for the past year plus. I am happy that I can at least make money and to provide for my family.

Yes, we do shop at Goodwill, or we do take things that people give us, or I buy super inexpensive, or when people bless us with stuff, we are incredibly grateful, or we simply do without and just be grateful for what we have.

My mom kept harping that I bought too much tuna. Yes, we had like 40 cans of tuna. However, we do eat tuna several times a month and usually that will last us about 2-3 months. I would have bought more had I had the money, so we wouldn’t have had to buy for like 6 months.

I don’t buy a lot of things that are canned, but tuna, coconut milk, some Asian stuff, vienna sausages, tomato sauce/paste are basically what I buy canned and if they’re on sale (I know what are good prices), I’ll stock up.

My mom is a minimalist and she doesn’t cook anymore. She doesn’t need to. It’s just herself and if she’s in LV, my SIL sends food home for her to last for a few days. If she’s here, one of her 4 children will have her over and send her home with food. Or if she’s playing Mah Jong, then they have food there, so 2-4 days a week, she plays MJ. So, she has no real need to cook.

I have a family – 1 teenager and 1 tween.

When I wasn’t doing this job, I had less money and it was just child support. Yes, my dad does help out so much by providing us a place to live and that is super huge. We do pay rent, but not a lot. Our major expenses are the kids’ schooling & stuff associated with that along with extra curricular activities, gas, and car maintenance. We do eat out some, but not too much.

The first year the kids went to their schools, I wasn’t able to pay all the stuff and so the schools kindly helped us out. Last year we were able to pay for most of the stuff because of my job.

It’s because I nitpick on price and watch the sales/ads and take advantage of good opportunities. For about $16, I was able to buy 8 pairs of almost new khakis at Goodwill for my son for school. Unless he has a HUGE, HUGE growth spurt, this should last for this school year. Someone is donating to him the polos he needs to wear.

Our daughter, unless God sends someone to sell us used polos or give us polos, we will have to pay the new price, but I will negotiate a discount with the store as I did the year before for her sweater.

We pick up every penny (or any money) we see anywhere and save them. This has probably equated to over $300 in the past 7 years. We consolidate driving trips to run errands.

Like Albertson’s had cereal for $1 a box and the kinds we like. I haven’t bought cereal in over 2 yrs and the kids and my husband love cereal, so that’s our little treat. I bought 10 boxes of varying kinds. Yes, it’s an off named brand, but who cares?

It’s what I have to do right now and I am. It’s almost like a game to me. And believe me, I am incredibly grateful for her and others generosity. There are ways I can pay it forward, like we’ll be donating all my son’s school clothes to a family that can use it. I’ll be taking his clothes over next week to the school and asking Mrs. T to find a family or two that can use S’s clothes – from sweaters, vests, pants, shorts, polos (long and short sleeved). Some were given to us and others we bought used.

I think my mom is embarrassed that we shop at Goodwill, but we are not. She doesn’t say anything there as she knows that we cannot even afford Wal-Mart clothes. It’s okay. Because I find things that are better than WM clothes at Goodwill.

When she treated us to Red Robin the other day, I saw that my son was wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo pair of shorts and a nice dress shirt. I think I probably paid $2 for the shorts. I don’t know how much a boy’s Polo pair of shorts costs, but I’m pretty sure new is more than 10x that with tax. I’m pretty much NOT unhappy that I only spent $2.

And, even when we’re making good money, we’re still going to shop at Goodwill not because we have to, but because we want to. I was so incredibly happy that my daughter got to go to her graduation party looking beautiful and cute in a gorgeous dress and dressy shoes for how much? $7. Well, to be fair, it was really $6.98. No complaints here.

Yes, I get that my mom doesn’t want me to have to work so hard. Okay. Thank you, mom, but that’s what I need to do right now and I’m doing it. You’re constantly sarcastic and biting remarks are not helping. She could either say nothing at all, which really would help so much, or she could say she’s proud of me for being resourceful with my finances and providing for my family on such little money.

Her reaction always is shrouded in negativity. Today I’m not working out because I had a hard time sleeping. I need to do some EFT or something. I can’t function like this – when there is more personal interaction, that I eat to soothe, can’t sleep, etc.

God bless my mom. I love her, but I’m allowing her to make me an emotional wreck. It also caused an argument between my husband and I as he usually has empathy for my mom and saying I’m really defensive. My mom knows just all the right buttons to press to emotionally upset me.

rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)
Cooling & Easier

So much easier for my dad to keep his house cooler and the electric bill better if he didn’t leave doors and windows opened. Instead, he cranks up the temperature of the thermostat to pretty high. Then, when it comes down, there is a HUGE temperature variance and the A/C is running for nearly 2+ hrs straight to try to bring the 8-10 degrees lower.

When he bought the house 5 yrs ago, it had some really big trees that helped shade the house, but he had them cut down. Sigh.

Guess he’s 85 and he pays the bills and he doesn’t have to make sense there.

rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)

Wow, I posted something to Red Robin’s Facebook page regarding them having a burger on their menu that was profane. It wasn’t a bad post, just a post expressing that my 10-yr old son and our family did not appreciate that. After all, it’s supposed to be a family friendly place.

I could see if it’s strictly a bar and no children, but it isn’t.

Anyway, they deleted my post, maybe because I listed the number to their corporate office. I don’t know, but why can’t people have the number to their corporate office?

I mean, what if they had a burger called “F* You” Burger. Yeah, that may be funny to some, but would you want to take your minor children there or have someone take your kids out to Red Robin and for them to learn that at Red Robin and then start saying that to everyone?

Yeah, that’s real good publicity, right?

Well, we did like Red Robin, but the fact they deleted my post, I don’t like that. They are in my DO NOT PATRON anymore. If they can take a stand for it being okay to give your burgers profane names that you don’t want your kids saying and censor those who disagree, of course they can.

And, of course, we don’t have to spend our hard earned money there. I’m sure last night my mom spent over $200 there, maybe closer to $300 there to feed 4 families. Well, next time, maybe we’ll choose Fuddruckers or some other burger joint.

rambling (43) (read all 223 entries…)

I am thankful for the many calls and interviews my husband gets as he’s looking for a Java Developer position. It has been challenging, however, when he has interviewed for a position with a company multiple times, taken tests and to never have closure on the company. My husband will contact within a week after the interview the interviewers and HR department, but nothing. No response is ever given to him and this didn’t just happen once either.

Very frustrating and why don’t companies have common courtesy to let you know something has changed with the position, you didn’t get the job, they gave it to someone else or something instead of leaving you hanging.

My husband will continue to apply and interview for jobs and we have found that there will be more companies that show a lack or professionalism and common courtesy than to just simply send a quick rejection email. When my husband gets a rejection email, there is closure for that position and he can move on instead of being left hanging.

A candidate takes the time to dress for the interview, take time out of their schedule, use their gas and resources to be interviewed, respond to the call to interview and all that and if you decide you don’t want the candidate, at least let them know.

When a company doesn’t do this, this puts a bad image with the company. Yes, my husband wants a job, and just because you’re a company that’s hiring, doesn’t mean you can treat anyone any way you want and people have to accept it. This just tells us that companies who do this to someone who doesn’t even work for their company, how do they treat their employees?

My husband and I are both hard workers, talented, smart and come with a lot of great stuff. We are good people and I believe would be an asset to many companies that value integrity, good people working for them. Maybe some companies don’t really value that.

Maybe companies feel they have the upper hand and can do this, and I guess they do, because they are doing this, many companies. I ran across an article today on LinkedIn that talked about this, so this must be happening a lot to others, too. A shame.

Hopefully the companies and people who have done this get to one day experience a taste of their own medicine and to see what that feels like. I am glad that even after interviews, my husband keeps taking other calls to interview from other companies. Eventually, I believe, God will bring the right company and job to my husband. Our trust is in God.

Stay in touch with 43 thing friends :-) (read all 2 entries…)

My ID on popclogs as well as

I just liked the overall ease, usually, of just being able to write with paragraphs and all here as I wanted. I need to write, but knowing the site is closing, makes me less apt to write when I just need to really write.

Joyfully Share 43 Christian Worship Songs (read all 7 entries…)
#6 - Your Love Is A Song

This is by Switchfoot and I really love this song and this rendition of it they are singing on Air1. It’s a little slower than how they normally sing it, but still lovely, a bit haunting though.

Your Love Is A Song

Joyfully & Easily Raise My Children To Walk In Their God-Given Destinies (43) (read all 134 entries…)

Our son readily accepts my husband as his dad, even when he is being disciplined by my husband. Our son has great affection for my husband and they bond incredibly well together.

I support my husband is his disciplining decisions, though, sometimes I think it’s kind of hard. Like, he banned our daughter from the computer, which this coming week is her finals week. It was hard for me to stand by that, but I did, even if it costs our daughter her grades.

Our daughter has been greatly testing us, doing things to be disrespectful, especially challenging my husband, and I am very grades focused, but I know that if I do not allow my husband to lead in our family, our daughter will not respect his place in this family.

Thankfully she is not in high school and this is the ending of 8th grade. So, maybe this hard lesson, and her needing to find other ways to study other than the computer, will help her to remember that she cannot just say and do whatever she feels like without consequences, especially bad ones for being disrespectful.

I think our daughter thought that since she had finals, there was no way we would take the laptop away, but she was wrong. Sometimes she is very mean and unthoughtful in sometimes even a physically harmful way.

Little brothers can be a pest sometimes and her brother is sometimes a pest. One time she warned him about something and he ignored it. She threw something at his face and it nearly hit his eye, which actually could have caused him to lose his eye as it was something sharp and I think it did cause him to bleed.

I was nearby and actually saw it because she allowed her temper to flair and I was livid mad. At this age, I do not spank, but I ended up spanking her. And, she’s had a couple other bouts where we saw she just hit her brother so hard in a very mean way, that it caused her to get in trouble.

The last time, it angered my husband so bad he nearly wanted to spank her, but he did not. He’s never done anything physically negative to them and won’t. I rarely in their lives have ever spanked them, but I have and it’s gotten the message across quite clearly that whatever the behavior was unacceptable.

I know when we initially got married, my husband was leery about disciplining them, which he typically resorts to some type of grounding or taking away of privileges. He gives them time to reflect. His approaches to discipline have been far more effective than mine, and especially when our son tests this, my husband will sometimes give a warning and sometimes not.

But, if he gives a warning, and my son attempts to ignore it, I remind him of the times he’s done this and asks him to rethink and he will. Our daughter seems to have a somewhat defiant streak, but she’s beginning to realize that I will defer to my husband and she doesn’t like that.

But, I can see that even if the kids don’t like the discipline and correction my husband imposes, they seem to respect him more and he doesn’t have to repeat himself like I do. And, sometimes if they are grounded, he will have mercy and grace, on good, sincere behavior.

My husband is always paying attention, while I am a rollercoaster in my attention.

My husband is consistent, and I’m learning.

So, it’s not always joyful to correct and discipline, but, we’re beginning to reap some of the good benefits of this. They now are well mannered in public, and that includes eating properly and even in private, they are well-mannered.

They used to burp, fat, yawn, not use knives properly, etc. and now, my mom no longer criticizes this because they make good choices here. There is other stuff in this area we are working on that are subtle, but good.

So hurrah for my husband for his discipline, correction, and consistency. He’s turning out to be a really good dad.

Joyfully Celebrate Love (read all 250 entries…)
Couple Months

Wow, I can’t believe it’s a couple months since I wrote about celebrating love joyfully.

My husband has been gradually getting more disciplined about his job search and he’s getting calls on a regular basis as well as emails. He’s had quite a few phone interviews and some in person interviews and at the beginning of this year, it was really challenging because he kept interrupting my work to ask my to help him, which increased my work hrs tremendously.

But, as I sought the Lord, He helped me through that and though my husband still interrupts my work, God is helping me to finish earlier than I had been, and I even had a week or two in the past couple months where I got all my subcon work done before the kids came home from school.

My husband will remind me not to work so much, as he knows it hurts my body and then we spend that in medical bills.

We are learning to bring more humor into our relationship. He has learned not to take everything from me so offensively and be so react and I’ve learned to not nitpick as much. So this is DEFINITELY working for us.

Our disagreements or “hard discussions” have definitely reduced by a lot. In 2013, especially the last 3rd quarter, it was not good. But with going through the final weeks of my stepdad’s life seemed to bring us closer together.

God helped me to reframe some things and for both of us to listen better to each other. We still have a long way to go, but I think it’s helping my husband to be getting so many calls and he’s hopeful that he will land a good job some time. When? Hopefully soon.

He’s been studying on things he doesn’t know and starting to put them into practice, in terms of software development, so he can say he knows those things in part.

It’s been a challenge to be the only one bringing in money, but God seems to be looking out for us there and helping us minimize costs and my husband has overall been more understanding about not buying as much stuff.

So, all in all, I think we are significantly much better in our 2nd year of marriage than our first. And, I am very thankful he is my husband and he’s acclimating to living in the U.S.

Joyfully Go Through And Tap For All The EFT World Summit Audios I Have (read all 17 entries…)
As Much

I went through as much as I’m going to go through for now and I am tapping, but not through any long audios, just on what God is revealing to me, mainly about food, eating, self image, money, finances, stuff like that.

Joyfully Complete Zuzka Light's 4-Week Lifted Butt Series Injury Free
So Proud

I have exercised my whole adult life. After I had children, especially my 2nd, I became a yoyo exerciser – exercise great for a few weeks, a few months, then nothing for awhile. It was like a roller coaster ride. I always tended towards really intense challenging things.

Time became an issue, the money became and issue. I eventually stopped going to the gym because it was too far and cost too much. I bought some exercise videos, but never used them, so I gave some of them away.

When I needed to sell my home and move in with my kids to my dad’s, I was confined to one room with all my things, no money or time for the gym, so I gradually began collecting stuff to help me exercise. In 2010, I joined an online group led by Scott Colby (aka the Abs Expert) of 40+ age people wanting to get fit at home with limited equipment.

Somehow I acquired some things like dumbbells, a TRX like thing, some medicine balls, a mini-trampoline, some resistance bands. Since 2010, I’ve acquired some kettlebells, pull-up bar, bosu ball, jump ropes, yoga mats, cones, weighted vest, swiss balls, ultimate press/dip bar also.

Actually, I prayed for each item and waited for God to provide them for me. So, with all that I have, it’s allowed me to have my own in home, personal gym that does not take up much space.

While doing Scott’s 13 week program, I came across Zuzka on YouTube. I’d hate to admit this, but when I was watching some of Scott’s YT videos or maybe I was doing a search for something, in the side bar, some of Zuzka’s videos came up when she was a part of BodyRock TV. The video cover sort of looked porno-ish and I knew you can’t have porn on YT, so I was intrigued as to what was in the video and clicked out it.

To my surprise, the very first video I watched, I just loved her personality and have been hooked on her ever since. It turned out she was in the porn industry crossing over into a more legit, respectable way of living.

Her personality really shined for me and spoke to me, and I looked past her porn history because he workouts were really good. In 2012, after completing two 13 week challenges of Scott Colby’s, I still wasn’t in shape.

I followed his eating protocol, well, somewhat and exercise, but it was too much for my body, which was recovering from adrenal fatigue from the years of abuse I’d put it through before by stressing it out with exercise, sleep deprivation, high stress, yoyo eating.

With Scott’s programs (I did the same one twice), I did lose weight, get leaner, but nowhere what I wanted. I also got injured quite a few times and it was because there was no real emphasis on warm up and cooldowns, which I did not really value. Not doing good warm up and cooldowns led to overuse and injuries for me, which crippled my motivation and workouts.

In 2012 I did Jorge Cruise’s 2 Wk thing to give up grains, starches, go low sugar (almost Paleo but it allowed for some dairy). I lost weight immediately. And, a friend of mine (the one who supplies some of my supplements), told me about Funk Roberts and I did his 1 month challenge combined with Jorge Cruise’s way of eating and ended up losing maybe like 10-15 lbs. I can’t remember the details.

Well, sure, if you do these super tough high intensity interval workouts 5-6 days/week and then eliminate all grains, starches, go low sugar, sure you’ll lose weight. I did.

After I did the one month with Funk that was free, I wrote him and he encouraged me to sign up for his 10-12 wk Beta Spartacus Program. Just like Scott’s workouts, I loved the workouts, but they were super intense and though they weren’t overall long compared to what I used to do, they were too long for my body. Sometimes some of them were more than half hour of HIIT stuff and that is too much for my body with a lot of weight workouts.

With Funk’s stuff and eating Paleo for those 3 months, I did end up losing just under 30 lbs total (including the first month’s stuff), but I was burned out on the hard workouts last too long, sometimes complicated exercise, and eating Paleo was great, but takes a lot of organization and planning.

I don’t think I finished Funk’s 10-12 week program and got through maybe 9 weeks. I did end up getting injured a few times and some taking 2-3 weeks to work through because my body required more rest. I got to the point where I could not sleep because my body was in over exercise mode.

Really, Scott’s and Funk’s programs are awesome, really awesome and you can get really great results. However, if you have adrenal fatigue issues like I did, it’s not. I need something challenging, but for shorter periods of time and I need adequate rest between workouts.

Except for feeling really sore the first two workouts of Zuzka’s because I hadn’t worked out in a month or so, once I got over that, periodically I would have a slight soreness with some workouts, but nothing major.

There would be mainly 4 intense workouts a week that brought your heart rate up and on Saturday, it would be a yoga inspired workout that not did not get the heart rate up and was a lot easier.

The 4 intense workouts, 2 of them would be specifically made for the Lifted Butt Series, and the other 2 would either be a prior Lifted Butt workout that was done or some ZWow or ZShred (other types of workouts she has on her website).

Some require kettlebells or weights, sometimes a mat, sometime a chair, sometimes a jump rope, but that was it. At least half of the workouts were bodyweight based.

It would be like a circuit of 3-5 exercises usually that you do for so many reps and then you may repeat the circuit usually twice, but sometimes 3 times. Most of the workouts are 12-16 minutes in length, which is a good amount for me.

She does have free workouts on YouTube, but I like the community she has on her website ZuzkaLight dot com. She does have free stuff on her website, but mainly, you need to join the ZGym to get access to the videos.

If you want to try it out, it’s $9.99 a month. If you pay quarterly, it’s $26.99 and semi-annually, it’s $50.99. So, you could try it out for a month and navigate her site, see how it is and sign up for more time at a lower cost, if you really like it. It’s pretty easy.

I know with my security on Chrome, I have to do something to be able to watch the videos on their site, but IE11 is fine. Firefox, I have this little shield on my URL bar similar to Chrome, and I have to disable this to see her videos. They should fix this on their site, which I’ve asked them to.

But, she’s been trying to get away somewhat from her BodyRock image and rebrand herself, which I think she’s doing a great job.

Anyway, her next 4-Week series is focusing on the Abs. I will be modifying the workouts to not be doing any floor sit up like motions because those cause me nausea in a really bad way. So, I’m going to substitute these exercises with other standing ab exercises.

But, I did finish all 20 of 20 workouts without injury and enjoyed them, looked forward to them, without obsession. :)

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Not Tracking

I have been sort of obsessed with my weight, size, measurements, etc that I decided this time around, not doing before and after photos on a regular basis. I have plenty off “after” photos, so no need to take those. Eventually when all the clothes I have really don’t fit and I have to give them all away and buy all new stuff, I’ll take pictures again, and maybe some measurements.

So, right now, I’m wearing 12 and some 14. I only have a few 10 things, so when I have to buy all new 10 things, I’ll take pictures. And then, when I get down to 6, I’ll do pics again.

Instead of going on certain eating ways, like cutting out all grains, starches, low sugar, I am just going to really watch my portions and allow all foods. Of course, there are meals here and there that I do go Paleo, others gluten free, and many dairy free (only because my daughter can’t really do dairy now).

I certainly do realize that if I go hardcore on anything – like strict Paleo, I will lose quicker. But, really, is it really quicker? Yeah, technically at first I’ll lose quicker, but then after I stop doing it or add even something back of starch or grain or sugar, the weight will come back on and then I have to keep relosing the same 20-25 lbs over and over.

So, yes, some meals will be super healthy, sometimes they won’t be. But my main thing will be to control my portion sizes and frequency of meals. It’s typically to eat 3 meals a day, but on days I workout, it’ll be more like 4, with the 4th being a protein smoothie.

Right now I’m in the middle of a Zuzka Light, 4 week Lifted Butt series, which consists of 5 workouts a week (M/T/Th/F/Sa). That’s working for me and I’m in the middle of the 3rd week. I’m really loving this and starting last week, are doing these workouts first thing in the morning.

The workouts are intense, but they are short and except for the first few days, I feel great and not that excessive soreness as I did with some tougher, longer workouts. I like that within about 35 minutes or less usually, I can have the workout, warm up and cooldown completed. In 1 hr, I can have my post workout smoothie, showered, and my workout done, which is awesome and then I can tackle the day.

I stopped making excuses with the exercise and just did it. I no longer wait until my husband is awake to do my workout, because I was afraid of waking him up. The laptop I was using for my workouts is in the shop right now, so I am using my work laptop. I don’t turn the volume up too much, as I workout in our bedroom.

Instead of doing my stuff on the computer first thing, I workout. Even yesterday I got up late and just made myself workout as there was barely enough time (not for a shower) to do it, but I did. I did part of my cooldown while making my post workout smoothie.

After this Butt Challenge is over, I hope she does another challenge or I may do some Fitness Blender workout challenge. I like the 4 week challenges because they are short enough to get through and I don’t feel like giving up.

I’ve done a number of 10-13 week challenges and that’s a little too long for me. I like the shorter ones so far. I find when I do the 3 month ones, then afterwards, I don’t want to exercise for awhile after, and that could be another few months.

So, hopefully with these short ones, maybe take a week off in between and start another challenge that way, throughout the year, I am working out consistently and take short breaks here and there.

I really don’t like working out 5 days in a row and do like a break on Wed or Thurs, so that’s ideal. I may not lose quickly or a lot, and it may only be 1-5 lbs a month, but if I can continually do that month after month, eventually I’ll reach my goals, be fitter, established consistency in my exercise, sleep, eating and that bodes a long way when I get into my senior years of life.

The only real think I am “tracking” is logging my eating, workouts and heart rate data, supplementation. I want to see when I look back, what is actually working.

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I think my husband really judged me in saying that I was wrong about hearing from God. He said he was 100 percent sure I didn’t hear from God. You know, for someone whom all he does is join in prayer when we eat and if I should pray more than 30 seconds, he tells me to hurry up, not that he can’t hear from God, but I doubt he can say for certain whether I heard from God or not correctly is not for him to say.

What good has come out of my hardships? My relationship with both my parents is SIGNIFICANTLY better, by tons. I got time to think about and change my views on my parents, to appreciate them. Had I continued on my course, I doubt I would have a better but more distant relationship with them me being not compassionate and not tolerant of how they are.

My family has gotten to see that I still have a great attitude, but it’s tempered with greater compassion and love towards other people, and far less judging. I have now become a wise spender, instead of foolishly spending.

Pain is often the instigator to change and I’ve had a lot of pain. Granted, there may be a small minority that needs no pain to change, but most need some level of pain and discomfort to move to something better. I’m no exception.

I got to move into a better neighborhood, safer neighbor and where my dad lives is pretty nice, so the kids can be outdoors playing without me worrying as much.

To be a much wiser spender and user of money, that’s HUGE! So what if you make a lot of money and spend poorly. You’ll lose it all, which I did. I manage my money now tons better. Yeah, the lesson was hard, but never were we homeless.

Those weren’t the only things, I used to think eating healthy cost a lot and that I needed all this STUFF to do it, but I found, you don’t need to and it makes life richer. I’ve learned to be more creative and resourceful. The stimulation of creativity and resourceful were born out of desperation. Is that bad?

Innovation has happened because someone somewhere was unhappy with the state of things and decided to make some changes. I learned how to really spot a good buy and when to have self control and do without.

Anyway, all he can see is I quit a high paying job for what? To be in poverty. What if through this I rise up and become the success I was destined to be and stay there, but had it been the other route, I could be like a Willie Nelson, broke and not in a good place because I didn’t learn how to manage money well, lived in fear, greed and pride, rather than a confidence in God to work not only through me, but others and other situations as I step out in faith, in actions to take hold of what He has for me?

Maybe it was God allowing my own poor choices and allowed me to go through spiritual cleaning (aka Spring Cleaning). You know, I don’t recall being late on my bills through this time and if I was, then I was given grace without any incurred penalties.

How much did I pay in interest for late payments or credit cards during this time? $0. Is that bad? Yes, everything has to be paid for in cash, so I learned to just wait upon God to bring it to me at a price that I could pay cash for or I just didn’t get it.

Not that I want to go through all of this stuff again, but I can see all the good it’s brought me, the kids. And, I had to learn to ask for what I want, to be persistent when I know the answer is ultimately yes, but it required me to push through.

My husband doesn’t see any of this. He doesn’t see that sometimes all we have is maybe $100-150 for food for the month to feed our family of 4 and how God always puts me in the right situation that I never even spend the whole amount we have budgeted and we’re still eating well.

I praise God in both my good and bad times. He is good all the time.

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Maybe there was a bit of legalism in me tithing in the past, as there was almost a fear that if I didn’t tithe, that God wouldn’t bless me. I did totally love to give, but maybe sometimes I was thinking that I needed to. Not sure if that makes sense or not.

Maybe through my hardships that God did not cause, but allowed due to other choices that were made by myself or others, He was teaching me that He just loves me, truly loves me. The tithing is for faith building, as well as other things for different people.

Maybe God used this time that I couldn’t give to show me of His great love for me and wanted me to re-evaluate that I did not have to be afraid, because that’s not what He wants.

I can tell you this, when I am able to give now, there is a completely different sense and humbleness of giving. This year, we were able to give red envelopes to all the kids in our family, including nieces and nephews. I literally cried and was so thankful to give.

We couldn’t give much like my siblings could, as it was only a few dollars each kid. That was given sacrificially, but I can see how much more God has blessed with in being a blessing to others.

My husband and I got to enjoy a meal almost for free at Roy’s, which the dinner was nearly $100 (before tip). All we paid for was the tip out of pocket and to be able to enjoy an expensive meal that almost cost us nothing. I felt like such a princess just for that evening on our anniversary.

In the past, before 2009, I thought nothing of having a meal that expensive. It wasn’t done often, but we did do it quite a few times a year.

When I’m able to get a little treat for us at the grocery store of something, or buy something that really isn’t need, but maybe frivolous, I feel so incredibly tickled.

It’s like a renewed sense of how I view money and it’s position in my life. God is my ultimate Provider. He blesses me, as well as those around and He lays on the hearts of others, Christian or not, to be generous. I am in great awe and don’t really understand how all this works out, but it does.

My trust is in God and I am very grateful to be able to tithe now.

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I hate to share this, but financially things were incredibly bad in 2009 that one of the elders from my church said to stop tithing because we weren’t even meeting the bare necessities of living. In the past, I tithed because I LOVED it. I loved seeing that I had the ability to choose to tithe because income was coming in and was amazed at how much the tithe & offering checks were.

I truly loved supporting different missionaries, ministries, helping other people out on top of that. But, when I had to give up my home, move in with my dad, and though I know how to trade stocks, you can’t do that without capital, it was dismal and even the little that I had, I hung onto for dear life and you can’t trade that way with scared money. It just doesn’t produce profits.

My husband asked me about LW and why when she went for a job, she just got it and then she would choose to live. She hadn’t worked for over 20 yrs outside the home and was able to get a job quickly and fairly easily. She has her bachelors in journalism, but hasn’t done anything with it for over 20 yrs. Granted, the jobs she got didn’t pay well, but she did get them.

So, I asked LW what was she doing? She said she tithed, spent time daily with God seeking Him, and asked God to help her see the things that are not good in her life and get rid of them so she could be closer to Him.

Now, did she get the jobs because she tithed? Am I in the financial situation because I was not tithing? Was God punishing me? We live in an age of grace now, and it’s not legalistic, but was God punishing me because I wasn’t tithing. After all, with what I am making, it’s really not enough to even be for 1 person to live independent much less a family of four.

As I looked back at all the years of me tithing, which is basically from 18 yrs old to 2009. From 2009, my kids gave well more than the tithe from their allowances and they did it on their own accord. I didn’t require them, and they cheerfully gave. Sometimes they gave all they earned, but usually in the realm of 20%+ of what they earned, well above the tithe.

Sunday I found out why they did that. They knew how important tithing is for me, a test to see my faith in God. They stood in the gap for me. I honestly wondered why it was easy for them to make money and now I can see possibly it may be due to their heart of giving to God. They didn’t give to get back, but God gave them many times over.

And, I believe all those years that I faithfully gave, God brought many people, situations to help us along these years of financial famine. My husband said that God would never cause this in my life, wanting us to live in poverty. But, through these hardships, I’ve learned to be far more compassionate, humble, merciful, way less judgmental, better steward of the finances he entrusts to us, resourceful, incredibly grateful.

It’s not that I wasn’t a generous or grateful person, nor forgiving, rather God wants those married with humility, true compassion for other’s plights, mercy, and to do it all with love.

I felt when I got this subcon job that I wanted to tithe, but my husband was against it, at least while we are making so little money and still living at my dad’s.

When I look back, it started in the 2009 timeframe when I stopped tithing that making money has been very, very difficult. Last Saturday, my husband said if I wanted to tithe, I could, even if he didn’t agree, he wasn’t going to deny me that. Today he said I should tithe if I really want and if I don’t, it’s not because he’s not allowing it, so I take that as I have my husband’s full blessing, though he doesn’t really understand.

What will God do? In Micah 3 says that we can test God in this and so I am going to. It also says in more than one area of the Bible and I’ll paraphrase is that sometimes what will be poured back to you is what you give out. If you give little, then little will be given back to you.

Now, I’m not giving the tithe so that I expect God to drop huge bags of money on my doorstep (although that would be really cool), but just seeing God pour His goodness in the ways He chooses that is best for us.

Seriously, I thought I was going to have to pay taxes and I end up having to pay none and getting a refund. It’s my biggest refund in a long time. However, the refund will go to pay down some of the taxes back from my divorce, which is more than my refund, but at least it is about 12-13% of it, which is something and I am happy.

My husband did point out that none of my siblings tithe and look how blessed they are. I said God still blesses people whether they love God or not. It’s not only Christians that He blesses. It’s just that many people who are incredibly blessed don’t give credit where it’s due, in my opinion. In fact, even being a Christian, sometimes pride creeps in still and I don’t give God the credit where I should.

I did notice that when I did tithe, looking back now, that my salary kept increasing as well as the ability to make a lot of money, the ease of it. Is it related to my tithing? I don’t know, but maybe the tithing represented a measure of my faith in the Lord to provide. I don’t know. My husband says it isn’t, but I disagree with him.

The areas I am focusing are on the tithe, which is 10%. Then a portion above that weekly (I’ll give on a monthly basis) will go towards Mercy ministries, helping those in need. And since I am rounding up to the nearest $5 or $0, those extra few bucks will go towards the building fund at my church.

My tithe a month was usually about what I am making now or a little less in my subcon job. So, basically, I am making about 10% of what I used to make. Sad, eh?

My tithe now percentagewise seems a lot to me. I feel like the widow’s mite, but I know it’s not the actual amount, but my faith to see the goodness of God.

Boy, I’m rambing. So, already God blessed in the tax area. My mom also gave me a check to cover some of our son’s Chess costs, which allowed me to pay the book deposit for him going into middle school next year.

I got to pay the bills I paid all fairly early. There are 3 more bills and 2 are scheduled on specific dates, so I can’t do this earlier.

My husband may see these all as that’s the way it should be, but I see these things as God blessing. I also see when I get discounts on things or gift cards, or people bless us with stuff or gestures or whatever, I see these things as the hand of God working through other people.

Boy, I can’t wait until we are making good money again and we can really help and bless others out financially!!! I am so excited for what God’s going to do!

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