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  1. 1. lose 50 pounds
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  2. 2. Finish my Fairy Cross Stitch
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  3. 3. pay off my credit card
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  4. 4. become more spiritual
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  5. 5. wear a size 8
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  6. 6. try every day
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  7. 7. Keep a reliable policy blog
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  8. 8. Get an article published
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  9. 9. Find a policy job
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  10. 10. keep up with letter-writing
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  11. 11. Finish C25k
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  12. 12. Run a mile without stopping
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  13. 13. always be loving
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  14. 14. get engaged
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  15. 15. Get a PhD
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get a job i love
Began teaching in Fall 2009.

I started teaching Health to college students last year. While incredibly nervouse at first, I quickly fell into a groove. I love the subject matter, and I love the students. They make me laugh every single day, and it seems I do the same for them. I have found a true calling, and I hope I can always teach at least one class. I had a hunch I would like it, but nowhere NEAR as much as I do!

Play 20 Weddings
So far...

It is now the middle of May. I have played 3 weddings so far, with 5 more booked for the year.

I’m almost half-way to the goal, and I find that I wind up booking a lot at the last minute. This still looks acheivable.

Buy a House

Rob and I went to settlement on the dream house on February 29th. It was a short sale, took a lot of work, but we had a wonderful realtor, and are loving the new house!


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