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toss shoes on the shoe tree at school
Nostalgia attack...

Late at night, after graduation, a friend and I took a familiar walk to the shoe tree. With all the jittery excitement and terror of fresh graduates, with hurled our shoes into the darkness and heard the laces wrap around the branches, heavy with the shoes of past Cornellians.

make a fort and sleep in it
All cozy and cuddly

A few friends and I drunkenly made the ugliest fort you’ve probably ever seen. But it stayed up, and we were able to sleep under it without it collapsing.

go on a travel adventure without a destination
Let's go south!

A friend and I were headed to a bluegrass concert but never made it because we decided to keep heading south until we hit the Smoky Mountains. Slept in a Denny’s parking lot, hiked all day in the mountains, bathed in a creek, then drove home. It was beautiful, spontaneous, and one of the best memories of the summer.

sleep on the beach
invigorating, perfect

First Landing State park, with 4 lovely people, gorgeous weather, and swimming every morning. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

stay up all night talking with someone

actually quite a mistake if I look at it too closely, but half of it was a good conversation, and I’m grateful for the intimacy.

purchase soulpancake

I’ve been wanting to buy this book for years. Just never did. Until I did! And now it’s sitting in the mailroom of my school waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow. woohoo!

Touch god

I don’t really know what this means anymore… or if god is something/someone you can touch. or if it’s possible not to be touching god, for that matter.

see a meteor shower (read all 3 entries…)

Hmmm, I’ve actually done this a few times since posting this goal. During the last one, I saw the largest, longest tailed meteor I’ve ever seen! There are few things I can think of that I’d rather be doing than watching a meteor shower : )

create a vision board

So, it’s not the vision board I had envisioned, but it’s just as inspirational. allows you to organize your goals in a visual way that is very prioritizing and simplifying. Check it out!

plant a tree
Apples for future Cornellians

Helped the environmental club plant apple trees and raspberry bushes.

walk a tight rope
attempt one

Reeeeeeally hard. But I liked the challenge. It felt like I was just barely unable to do it. And part of it may have been distraction from embarrassment.

Learn how to farm sustainably (read all 3 entries…)
some help on the business end

Went to a Beginning Farmers Business workshop with a friend. It was not only informational but also re-inspiring to talk with people passionate about growing food.

make my own tea (read all 2 entries…)
kombucha? Yes.

Also, I’m now brewing kombucha :) Three batches in, and all is well. Brought my scoby home for Christmas break, and my family is slightly horrified.

swim in my underwear
nearly died. (slightly exaggerating)

I was doing chicken chores for a farmer who was away for Thanksgiving. Cruel as it is, Impulse struck,and I felt compelled to jump in the lake. Mind you, it was 34 degrees! I couldn’t ignore the impulse, so I stripped and jumped in (and rapidly scrambled out to defeat frostbite!). Granted, I technically shouldn’t check this off becaue I was neither swimming nor wearing underwear, but it’s close enough :)

learn to swing dance (read all 2 entries…)
tired legs, happy heart

I have so much more to learn, and I’m so excited to learn it, but after swing dancing a couple of times a week for the past four months and participating in a performance, I feel comfortable checking this off my list!

express gratefulness to people who helped me along the way

Jim and Dianne
“Uncle” Dick
Shannon’s grandma
Mrs. White
Mrs. McClain
Mr. P
Mr. Foulk

make the McCutchens kids door signs
okay, not really

We all made a sign together, so my intentions of giving them each a wood-burnt sign as a gift didn’t happen.

explore a cave
so much talk of rabies...

It was a small cave, not deep but high up so you have to climb to reach it. Definitely going there again :) This time with a flashlight

make my own tea (read all 2 entries…)
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (literally)

Herbal tea. Mint lemon. mmmmmm warmth.

Learn how to farm sustainably (read all 3 entries…)

What a great summer :)

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