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have twins (read all 2 entries…)
They're here...

...and it’s exhausting, but wow, what beautiful boys they are!

have twins (read all 2 entries…)
Not due until May,

but we are very unexpectedly expecting twins. They’ll be our 5th and 6th children, our 4th and 5th boys, and our daughter (currently the youngest) just turned 9.

I suppose the shock will wear off at some point…

I had to choose between “worth doing” and “not worth it,” and I think babies are always worth it. That is—once they’re on their way, you just have to know that it will all work out. :^ )

Work in journalism for a year

How weird to be able to say I’ve done this. I had no real goal to do it, but back when I was younger a few things just fell into my lap. Admittedly, my journalism jobs weren’t glamorous or anything—a short stint at a small-town weekly newspaper as a reporter/photographer, followed a few years later by back-to-back periods at two different radio stations as a news reporter and anchor. I covered city and county news, school boards, stuff like that. Nothing groundbreaking, no assignments involving travel to foreign countries, just basic legwork and the chance to be in print and on the air. Pretty heady stuff for a small-town 19-to-21-year-old with no experience.

Finish the AluminuMan (read all 3 entries…)

I finished today. It was awesome to think how far I’d run, how far biked, how far swum…just since August 4th.

Keep a journal
Since I was about 11...

I’ve got volumes of journals dating back to when I was in about 6th grade (I think there was one befor that, but the first two were cheap little kid diaries and only one has survived). I write often, though not every day. For most of my life I filled about one standard 9×12 journal in a year, though within the last few years I’ve changed to smaller, more packable journals.

Finish the AluminuMan (read all 3 entries…)

I’ll finish this today! I’ve run 25 miles, biked around 150 miles, and swum over 2.4 miles since August 4th, with an entire week off for the glass injury to my heel.

After my run, bike, swim today, the total distances will be:
26.2 mile run
156-mile bike ride (I know the IronMan is 112 miles, but I bike an extra two miles home from the lake every day)
2.6-mile swim

Those are the full IronMan distances. :^ ) Completed in my own sweet time.

grow asparagus (read all 5 entries…)

The asparagus bed is doing well, but I really need to put in some Jersey cultivars.

Next spring we can harvest for a couple of weeks!

grow asparagus (read all 5 entries…)

The asparagus bed is doing well, but I really need to put in some Jersey cultivars.

Next spring we can harvest for a couple of weeks!

Finish the AluminuMan (read all 3 entries…)
It started as a joke--

The kids and I went to cheer in the last finishers of the local IronMan, and got joking around about wanting to be finishers without having to be participants etc. I told them I could do an IronMan, which of course they mocked…”But I can,” I said. “Just not all in one day.”

Before it was over, we’d split the IronMan distances into 26 pieces and were making up names. AluminuMan won because it was fun to say, and we determined to do it during the 26 non-Sabbath days in August.

There’ve been some obstacles. Our vacation ran two days into August; my parents’ 50th was the second weekend (travel and no swimming access); and I managed to bury a bit of glass deep in my heel (no lake for a week). But I haven’t missed a day when I was home and not on medical orders, and I’ve got 11 days left. I should finish up on Sept 9, unless I can manage to do a couple doubles so that I can finish on the 6th. The lake and weather are both getting cooler.

It breaks down to a mile run, 4 mile bike ride, 170-yard swim (with a bit added to the run and ride to make up for the .6 and .2 extra miles). Since I bike home two miles from the lake at the end, I’m fine on the bike distance, but on the last day I’ll have to add a tiny bit to the run.

Cheer me on! It’s gotten physically easier (I’m not a runner or a swimmer) but psychologically I’ve been flagging lately.

build a playhouse for my kids (read all 2 entries…)
I didn't build it--

but my husband surprised us all one day this summer when he suddenly decided that today was the day. And two days later we had a big, open, wonderful treehouse!

Get my knee back 100% (read all 3 entries…)

I don’t guess it’s actually 100% since I still feel some stiffness under certain circumstances. But it’s as good as it will get, and I can do everything I could before.

take my kayak out for a day trip (read all 13 entries…)

At least, done for the first time. For our anniversary my husband suggested kayaking. We spent the entire day kayaking this beautiful channel between two lakes, and had lunch, and a wonderful time!

train with my son for the Independence Day two-mile--and beat my two former times (read all 5 entries…)

I ran it this year with my 8-year-old daughter. We came in just before the very last runner. :^ ) Anna does’t have much grit…

Attend more cultural events. (read all 5 entries…)

Last weekend we saw a play at the local college, a rocking funny British farce of mistaken identities. Brett laughed harder than I did!

I also took my daughter (8) to her first opera. Tosca. Weird first opera, I know. But she loved every minute. Laughed her head off through Scene I and even in the scenes that followed she never once asked when it would be over (though she did say once, in utter admiration, “They really know how to make a little story last a long time!” She’s a budding writer.)

It helped, of course, that her beloved aunt was the star; that Grandma bought her a new dress and sparkly shoes and another aunt a sparkly matching purse; that she was showered with attention, before and after and during intermission, by charmed opera patrons dazzled by her youthful glamour and enthusiasm!

see my Stomp! class kids do well in the show for their parents! (read all 2 entries…)

they ROCKED. I haven’t visited here for a while so this is the first chance I’ve had to say it. But they were AWESOME.

Make handpainted plates for my Mom for Christmas 2007 (read all 6 entries…)

I had to go over into January because the studio ran out of my greenware, but they’re done!

Now to start on my brother’s…

see my Stomp! class kids do well in the show for their parents! (read all 2 entries…)
Been teaching Stomp!

...for four weeks now. Last week the kids were GREAT! Even B., who has no natural rhythm at all, was doing a good job (I wrote a part for him that doesn’t require too much timekeeping; he rolls marbles in a colander, pours them, etc). The bike-repair-scenario group has been doing well all along, and of course all the kids wanted to bang on the bike. But surprisingly, the metal-kitchen-stuff group actually has a better-sounding rhythm routine and they’re doing great with it.

Hopefully the fact that we had to skip a week right before the show won’t be a problem!

Research the history of my parents house
My school history project

You know how every kid has to write some kind of history project – it used to be in 6th grade? Most kids write about some state dignitary or historical figure – Lots of Idaho kids write about either Lewis or Clark.

I did the history of my parents’ house for that. It was really fun. This was back before digitized everything and a lot of the records I looked through were paper, microfiche, or microfilm. The house was among the first handful in the township. Especially interesting, after years of trying to figure out who on EARTH would put such tiny closets in a house, was to read the newspaper articles describing it when it was newly built….Those closets were called “commodious.”

Try substitute teaching
Professonal substitute

I’ve been subbing for years, off and on, and now that my youngest is in school I’m doing it again.

I love subbing.

Make a skirt out of old jeans
In high school

I made several skirts from old jeans. One was based on the idea of just opening the inner leg seams and laying them across each other; this doesn’t work with all jeans as the zipper will sometimes come down too far and make a weird pooch in the front. The others were mostly made of fabric for the actual skirt, with the yoke being the waist and first several inches of the jeans.

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