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be more confident
New country, new people, new love..

Once upon a time… No I’m kidding, since one semester, I’m at school in a French speaking part of Switzerland. Of course, I can speak a little bit French, but not as well as my own language. In the beginning of the new “school-year” I felt like I wasn’t on the right place. I didn’t understand what people say, either what they mean. But I learnt very fast, to understand, to think in this language. So 2012 I’ll try to be more confident, to be open for new thing, doesn’t matter if I’m different from the other people.

get enough sleep

I’m a nightperson, I hate to go early to bed, I listen to music or do everything else, but I can’t fall asleep. 2012 I’ll start to get enough sleep, do something for my health.
but if that’s possible.. lol

Do homework the day I get it

of course that’s a very big thing.. you never know how to start, either to finish, but 2012, i’ll change, i’ll do my homework ! :D


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