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  1. 1. clear up my acne
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  2. 2. care less about what others think
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  3. 3. get my driving license
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be open to love

the feeling of being in love makes it worth wanting love it is a hard process but i can’t wait to find someone that is willing to work for it forever

make more eye contact (read all 4 entries…)
social psychologists say...

that maintaining eye contact for 4-5 seconds with another person during a convo is adequate. this rule is good for those with sad who may not know what’s “normal”. and i have sad too.. one thing i’ve learned is that there really is no right or wrong thing to do, its what feels comfortable, if you’re comfortable and happy others will be too. trusting yourself to do things that will leave others feeling comfortable is the hard part. just have faith <3

Grow my hair out (read all 2 entries…)
slowly but surely

someone said i had long hair the other day :)

but i want it longer. since my hair is curly it looks shorter than it really is

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