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How to don't put up with people who are reckless with my heart
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Not be obsessed with food or exercise. (read all 4 entries…)

I have decided to accept that moderation is a challenge for me. Either I eat too little or too much, so I think I need help. I’m going to see a therapist and will ask about what she thinks. Maybe seeing a nutritionist might help, I’m tired of losing this battle.

Reconcile old friendships and relationships
Not sure if I should reconcile relationships, when you stop talking to each other...

after a break-up, or worse, the fade-away, it sucks. A feeling of incomplete-ness. But my dillema is that if I reach out to an old lover, does it make a difference since we’re now different people? It will never be as before, I know, but to be at peace is something I am seeking.

Any thoughts?

be happy and accept life as is
this is part of my transformation

I started to realize that nothing lasts forever. We need to make the best out of the present. Whether it’s a passionate kiss or a good job.
Life will never be stable, I always sought stability, yet I never really practiced or expected it. I love change. Yet that thought hurts when someone breaks up with you, for example.
So I learned that we need to be strong as individuals because we always will have ourselves, everyone else comes and goes.
We can’t have it all. Hard fact.
We live and learn.

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