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Update- 23/12/13

Saudi Arabia

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I changed the name of this goal to break it down...

This is my third and my final attempt at finishing my second year…final because I wont go back…final because if after the third time I can’t finish it I’ll move on to something better…final because I just finished my first semester. Yes that’s right 12 weeks to go and I’m going to knock it out of the park, score a hat trick, and score a touchdown. I think that’s enough sports metaphors, because the thing about metaphors is they are airy fairy, this is concrete. This is real !

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Fruit and Veg

Do you know how hard it is to find organic or cheap healthy food. For £2 I can get either a small container of strawberries or two burgers and two chips for a penny less at £1.99. Which would most people choose? No wonder people are obese it’s either die of starvation or malnutrition and weight-related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. I think if the government taxed fast-food joints (since they’re all over the place) they’d have the money to subsidize home grown produce,and support farmers as well as lessen the burden on the NHS. Obesity and overweight people are forecast to cost the nation £50 billion – half the entire NHS budget for a year – by 2050 if the trend continues unchecked. This money could be spent on maternity wards, better ICUs, more doctors and nurses (who are well paid), and cancer patients who need expensive life-saving treatment. Changes need to happen now because nearly half the UK population is already obese. Most importantly people need to be educated and given incentive to lose weight i.e. the cost of their problem needs to be passed on to them. I know it sounds bad but I was overweight once due to medication but I lost it by eating better, and living better. I would rather NHS spent money on life-saving equipment for premature babies than a free-thinking obese individual who made too many of the wrong choices.

The government should help the people, but the people should also help themselves.

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