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  1. 1. work because I like to, not because I have to
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  2. 2. Improve my social skills
    222 people
  3. 3. travel the world
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    21,165 people
  4. 4. Fall in love
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    27,235 people
  5. 5. get better friends
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    57 people
  6. 6. Be less shy
    3,042 people
  7. 7. be more confident
    11,594 people
  8. 8. meet new people
    4,423 people
  9. 9. go out more
    659 people
  10. 10. have clear skin
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  11. 11. be happy with my body
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  12. 12. sleep better
    809 people
  13. 13. eat healthier
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  14. 14. Skydive
    11,446 people
  15. 15. bungee jump
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  16. 16. learn guitar
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  17. 17. drink more water
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  18. 18. find out what my blood type is
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  19. 19. Keep up with current affairs
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  20. 20. do volunteer work
    613 people
  21. 21. have more adventures
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  22. 22. win the lottery
    4,029 people
  23. 23. buy an apartment
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    310 people
  24. 24. Get married....and STAY married
    506 people
  25. 25. Buy a House
    14,081 people
  26. 26. Have Kids
    3,562 people
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work because I like to, not because I have to (read all 2 entries…)

I lasted 2 years and 9 months at that place.
Things never got any better, and not surprisingly the staff turnover was unbelievable.
I’ve made drastic changes to my life and am about to start a new job in a similar role which looks very promising.
I might be able to check this one off soon!

buy an apartment (read all 2 entries…)

On hold, you’re only young once!
Travel and life experience now has higher priority – they’re not so easy with a mortgage to hold down.

Move away and start over (read all 2 entries…)

I had typed out paragraphs into a “how I did it” entry only to lose it all on hitting backspace, which worked on the browser page instead of input text :(
So the short(er) version:

20 months later and i’m now on the other side of the world after some travel en route. Came across an email and decided I must come back to check this off! It’s only a few weeks in but things are going well – I have a decent place to live, secured an amazing job and am meeting new people. I feel being out there alone in unfamiliar territory has definitely helped me on the way to achieving goals around personality and social skills too.

All that’s needed to make this happen is a decision, and to not let minor things put you off. If it doesn’t work out, you go back with new experiences and a pretty interesting story.
Having a decent amount of savings is advisable, then all you need is Google! If you’d like to know more detail on the how, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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