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set a Guiness World Record
Got in in the Guiness record book as part of the world's longest bike line.

At a leisurely 8 miles an hour, my wife and I joined more than 1,220 bicycle riders in Davis, CA this weekend and set the world’s record for the longest bike line.

The details can be found here: http://www.dailydemocrat.com/news/ci_16248025

Get tubed
Need to get in the water

I live minutes from the beach and I rarely go surfing nowadays. It is unfortunate because I really enjoy the sport but I don’t improve because I hardly practice. I might need to schedule time to force myself to get out in the water… maybe it is what is needed so that I make sure to partake in an activity that I know will bring me joy. Plus, I want to get tubed one day!

travel to every continent (read all 7 entries…)

February 2005: To complete my visit to the final continent needed (for all seven) I went on an organized trip to Antarctica via Marathon Tours. Antarctica is unbelievable.

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