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turn back time

if only i could turn back the time!I want to turn back the time oh so badly…wishing that when i wake up the next morning,im 18 years old again.Where i get the chance to fix my study and avoiding from seeing him..but there’s nothing i could do..im stuck here with my past memories..and sometimes i miss him way too much that i start to cry out of nowhere..and quickly hug ur journal.Thats the only thing left that reminded me that u’re apart of my life…

Sheikh Azrul a.k.a OREO,if you’re reading this..must you know that im missing you since the day you went away to Glasgow,Scotland :(

finish my study A.S.AP and settle down with my life!

I have to keep my promises…i have to make sure i finish my study and pursue my Bachelor and get a nice job so that i can settle down and have my own family with Hairie..

Write 100 things I love about My Boyfriend.
100 things I love about MY BOYFRIEND.

Lets start the countdown!

100: His future planning
99: His smile
98: His eyes
97: His voice
96: His childish/baby-ish voice
95: His fingers
94: His body
93: His warm touch
92: His idealistic idea
91: His gentle kiss
90: The style of his hair
89: His car
88: His protective character
87: His jealousy
86: His dressing style
85: His funny joke
84: Shape of his nose
83: When he gets mad
82: His funny little snores
81: His hug
80: The way he touch my hair
79: The way he hold my hands and never want to let go off my hand.
78: The way he mumbling!
77: His care.
76: His beautiful mind
75: His kindness
74: His way of making me independent
73: Story he tells everyday..
72: The laughter we share.
71: The tears we share together.
70: His sweet smell
69: The way he kiss my face.
68: His appetite!
67: His taste.
66: His brilliant idea
65: The way he make fun of people!
64: The stupid things he did back in high school
63: His respect towards women.
62: The father-ly character! :)
61: The best-best BFF ever!


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